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Five Ways To Make An Impact in A Powder Room

Maybe you like to play it safe with the interiors of your home, because, after all, your home is an investment and it’s expensive to make changes.


But if you are looking for a place to go bold and daring, the powder room is the perfect spot.


It’s all about the details in the powder room, and just because its the smallest room in your house, doesn’t mean it can’t have the most impact.


Below are five ways to make your powder a really special room:


1. Add a dramatic color or a unique wallpaper.


Image from The Enchanted Home



2. Make the powder room as cozy as possible. In my book, the smaller the better, as long as everything is to scale and can fit nicely into the space.


tiny bathroom in white, black, and gold.
Image from Apartment Therapy


3. Select unique lighting.  Incorporate a sconce or two, and if overhead lighting is a must, select a unique chandelier that fits the space.


Powder room
Image from Segret To Secrets


4. Make the sink as special as you can. I love using marble to create a vessel, and it also adds some texture to the space.


Image from Splendid Sass


5. Accessorize.  Pull in pretty linens such as a hand towel and use special soaps.  Fresh flowers instantly brighten the space, and cost very little to do so.


Dana Wolter Interiors



Make the smallest room in your house have the most impactful. Because powder rooms are used only briefly, they are the ideal place for drama and beautiful style. Their small scale allows you to indulge in lavish materials and bold effects that you might not dare otherwise.


Go ahead– take the risk, and be sure to let me know how it turns out.





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Living Well


I am working on a client’s dining room, and I am looking for a beautiful paper with a light background and a dramatic pattern.  Classic but with a little edge.  In my search, I have come across a few papers I find to be quite incredible.

While this paper is not what I had in mind for this particular project, I do love it for its bold color and pattern.  Stunning!


This paper by Schumacher would make for one stunning accent wall.  It has been out for a few years and I have always adored the pattern……

I could easily imagine this paper in a foyer or entry way. Pair it with the right furnishings, lighting, and accents, and it would make the space fresh and something quite special.  

Now to continue the hunt for the perfect wallpaper for that dining room!  Have a good day, everyone-


Image one: direct link can be found within my pinterest page.