Living Well

A View Of My Garden

 I met with a dear client the other day at her home.   She was referred to me through her sister in law, and through the process of working on her home last summer and fall, we have become friends.  She is one of those people who really makes me enjoy what I do.   Our tastes are different- she is more ruffles and “pretty,” while I am more streamlined and neutral.  It has been fun to work with her as we have found a nice balance in her home.

I had not been to her house since December, though we have eaten lunch together since then.  When seeing me, she asked me if everything was okay, as she noticed I had not blogged in awhile.   I guess my New Year’s resolution has been thrown out the window….   As much as I try to make blogging a top priority, it seems to be the one thing that is pushed aside in my life.  I seem to focus on the tasks at hand while failing to document them as I go along.  If any of you have any advice to offer to make blogging easier for me, please pass them on!

 So, for today’s blog and a nod to the pretty weather we have been having……

The outside of your home sets the tone for what visitors can expect to find on the inside.  Chances are, if the outside is nice and neat, the inside will be as well.  One of my favorite things about the spring is my garden, as it looks better this time of year than at any other.  My climbing rose is in full bloom, the grass is turning green, and my garden is coming to life with fresh flowers.  Seeing my garden bloom after a long dormant winter makes spring time all that much more sweet.  Here are a few images from my own yard…

What about you? Do you take as much care to the outside of your home as you do the inside or do you prefer one to the other? Would love to know what inspires you!

Have a great day and enjoy the pretty weather-