Living Well

Putting On My Rollerskates

Whew!  April has been busy….. Between work and my children’s schedule, I am ready for summer.   It is time for life to slow down a bit.

Remember in a few previous posts I mentioned you can have a pretty AND functional home?   If you ever question if my family lives in ours, these pictures will clear up any confusion.

My craziness started with an install for a client and her family.  We have worked on this home the past year, taking a few rooms at a time.  I must say, this home is looking pretty amazing!  Here is a sneak peek:

A few days later, we held a cast party for over 70 kids at my house for the high school production of Kiss Me Kate.  I am always amazed at the talent of  kids these days.

I was out of town later that week seeing a client, followed by the taping on Friday of two television segments for Alabama’s 13 Daytime Alabama.

Camerman Wes from Daytime Al letting me know what he really thinks of me

That night, I helped my youngest set up a tent with her friends to raise money for Relay for Life, a fundraiser through the high schools.   Our school system raised over $250,000 for the fight against cancer.   Talking about some kids who know how to come together for a cause.

Luminaries being released in honor of those who have fought or are fighting cancer

On Saturday, my daughter was being presented in a ball for all of the Sophomores at her school, and not only did we take pictures beforehand……

Yes, she reluctantly had one made with her mom
Pictures can’t all be serious…..
The girls look like perfect accessories in the room, don’t you think?! Thanks, Jennifer, for the picture.

But we also held a breakfast afterwards for approximately 60 kids.  Thanks goodness I didn’t have to cook, as that is not my strength.  Great group of kids, and they could have stayed longer if it wasn’t 1:00 in the morning.

Kept finding clusters of bobby pins around the house. Guess the girls were ready to take down their hair.

I put on my skates the next day and kept on going as my assistant and I left for Highpoint Market.  After an eight-hour drive, we arrived there at 12:00am.   It was an exciting few days seeing some new lines and new pieces, and I cannot wait to share a few trends I saw with you.

I came home to my daughter’s 16th- yes, 16th- birthday the next day.

Happy birthday to my sweet baby!

It was a great day, but no one told me I would be a little sad……  While her mom was on the verge of tears (and maybe it was due to exhaustion), she was on cloud nine as the band Parachute sang happy birthday to her during their concert that night.  What else could a girl ask for these days?

Will, the lead singer, rocking out. Even an old lady like me thought he was cute-

While I have had a busy few weeks and have a daughter a year older, I hope the start of your spring has been as good for you as it has been for me.  Take care and have a great day-


PS. Excuse the quality of the photos, as all were shot with my phone.