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Inspiration For A Few Projects

I am working on three projects right now where I was pulled in during the schematic phase.  One is an addition/renovation, and the other two are new construction.  I am excited about each of them and the teams involved.

I love being hired for a project early on, as there is a synergistic effect that takes place among creative minds that results in a more beautiful home.   It’s important to hire all members of your team early on, as this makes changes occur sooner rather than once ground has been broken (which saves you $$$).

Working on a home from ground up is like birthing a baby-  I become vested more and more each day  and I grow to love each of them for different reasons.
As I am discussing interior details on each of these projects, I have been looking to Pinterest for inspiration.    Here are a few I have pinned for certain reasons…..


I love this hardware. We have spent some time picking out hardware for #ProjectExpansion, and this is very similar to what we selected for their home.


unlacquered brass
Image from


#ProjectExpansion has a door at the end of a hallway, and we are going to create something like this for uniqueness and detail.  I love how a simple wall here has become a beautiful focal point. We are creating a jib door to a linen closet that will be hidden by nails and leather.  With it being a focal point, leaving it as an ordinary door just wouldn’t cut it.


Love this nailhead detail in the entry...clean and sophisticated
Image from


This bathroom is beautiful. The waterfall countertops and cabinets create a more modern and clean look, and you will see something similar in style for the master.


Image from


These floors remind me we are going to create a pattern out of wood on one of the floors in our #LakeTuscaloosa project.  While the pattern will be different than this one and the color of the wood tweaked (we haven’t even broken ground), it’s going to be just-if not more-beautiful.


bleached chevron flooring
Image from


As mentioned in a previous post, your bedroom should be a place to retreat, and this window seat screams that to me. The #LakeTuscaloosa home is home to girls and we are working on incorporating a cozy niche/window seat in at least one of the bedrooms.

Don’t you want to curl up with a good book?!  I do!


Nick Olsen children's bedroom in AD, photo by Pieter Estersohn
Image from Architectural Digest


The placement of this powder room under the stairs is exactly what we are creating in  #ProjectVestavia.  I love how it is tucked away, not only by being under the stairs, but by being hidden within the woodwork.


Image from Pinterest


As you can see, Pinterest is one of my “go-to’s” when I am looking to be inspired.  There is nothing better than crawling in bed with my Ipad at the end of a long day and pinning a few images to make my creative juices flow.


If you’d like to see more pretty pins I have found, come follow me.    I’d love to hear from you.


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Project Expansion (In A Couple Of Ways)

Several months ago, I was approached to help with a renovation/addition to a home in Mountain Brook that sits on a beautiful, serene piece of property.  The homeowners loved the layout and piece of property, but wanted to update and add a master suite to the home.


After a couple of meetings with the homeowners, I was sensing an urgency to start on the project, but I didn’t think much of it because who isnt ready to begin a renovation when it is inevitable?!


Little did I suspect, the homeowners shared they are expecting a baby.  I was excited ecstatic when I heard this news, as the homeowners are friends of mine and I knew how long and how badly they’ve wanted a child.


But….the story gets even better…….


They announced several weeks later that not only are they pregnant, but their gestational carrier (whom they sought to help them start a family thinking they couldn’t get pregnant) is also expecting. These miracle babies are due seven weeks apart, and if the story is not “good enough”, they are expecting a boy and a girl.


I love this picture- Sometimes it makes me laugh, while other times it makes me cry.



The homeowners bought this home wanting a project, and little did any of us know they would be gaining so much more.


And as we find out quickly just how durable and functional my elegant interiors are, I am thrilled to be walking alongside this couple as they grow their home and family.  How lucky am I to help them create a house for memories to come.


With Pete Pritchard as the architect, we are adding some amazing details and finishes throughout #ProjectExpansion. Demo started this week, so stay tuned as we will update you on all the excitement and progress.


MB renovation1
Image from Dana Wolter Interiors


I hope this story inspires you as it did me, that all is in God’s timing.    Have a great day-