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Update On My Office Space

As I wrote here, I am moving my office to the heart of Mountain Brook Village in Birmingham, AL, in a few weeks, and thought I would give you an update.


Lots of exciting changes have been happening.   Hardwood floors have been put down and waxed in the front room, built-ins were added to a hallway and the entire space has been painted.



Fabrics and colors for the front room- Dana Wolter Interiors
Fabrics and colors for the front room- Dana Wolter Interiors



I am tweaking the exterior a little, and I thought I would share a peek.    My paint color scheme has changed from the picture, but you can see where I am going with this….







The inside consists of basically two rooms connected by a hallway.  I see the front room serving as a meeting room, and I want it to feel like you are walking into a warm, inviting living room to visit a friend.   Something pretty from the street but functional for my firm’s needs.  Here is a “Before” picture of the space:





BEFORE- Front Room





AFTER of the Hallway.  Doors aren’t hung here, but once they are, this space becomes hidden storage.





There is a bar area in the back room.  I opened it up and replaced the countertop and faucet.    I love this Kallista one given to me as a gift,  and it can be purchased from Ferguson in Birmingham, AL.












I am thrilled to be in the heart of Mountain Brook Village.  I love being from the South, and I am especially proud to call it home. There are so many positive changes taking place in Mountain Brook and in the city of Birmingham, so stay tuned to some exciting things happening here.


My office project has been a slow process because it has taken a back seat to my client’s projects.   It looks like the construction will be finished in the next week or so, and we will be moving shortly after.  I will keep you posted on the finished space.


Have a great day-




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