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A Childhood Home Renovated — Before and After

A Home Renovation, Dana Wolter Interiors
Home Renovation, Dana Wolter Interiors


We work on a lot of renovations, and every one is special in its own way.

This particular one is the wife’s childhood home.   As I shared with you here, we renovated to give it new life for their family to grow into it.  

I have no doubt many memories are waiting to be made.

Gone are the finishes of the 80s and it is now a chic, livable, family-friendly home that has made quite the transformation.   

Here are a few before and after photos:


Dana Wolter Interiors, Kitchen Renovation
Dana Wolter Interiors, Kitchen Renovation After Framing


Kitchen remodel
After The Renovation- A Functional, Livable Home For The Entire Family, Dana Wolter Interiors

Custom cabinetry and gorgeous marble slabs create a custom kitchen while the unlacquered brass hardware and lighting finishes the room.  

What a difference taking down walls and adding in new windows made, too. 

Its hard to tell in the picture, but the kitchen roman shade is green and charcoal gray.  Green is the homeowner’s favorite color, so we pulled it into her Dining Room.  


Dining Room, Dana Wolter Interiors


Powder Room, Dana Wolter Interiors

It gives me such pleasure seeing this cute family enjoying their new home and adding in items, such as her grandmother’s dining table, that are important to them.  After all, isn’t that the reason behind each of us having a home to call our own.




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Living Well

Living Well: 5 Tips For Updating Your Home

Whether we’re meeting with one of our full-service clients or working with someone during the 3.5 hour consultations, we often meet people who are overwhelmed and not sure what to do when their home no longer works for them and their family.
And while various factors need to be considered, such as the resale value in your neighborhood versus investing into a home you will enjoy for years to come,  it’s important to think through when updating your home.  

5 Tips For Updating Your Home:


Assess What Is Working And Not Working For Your Family

Needs and desires evolve as children grow up and start their own families, so if  your home is not working for you, it is time for a change.  

Take an objective look and see what it is that you like and dislike about your home.  Is it the finishes or furnishings that are dated or do you need a full blown renovation?   

Hire A Great Team

Whether hiring an architect for a renovation/new build, a designer for new furnishings or a contractor for your project, your team should be one you can trust and will make the process enjoyable and easy easier for you.  

As far as talent and expertise go, if there is a significant difference in the fees of whom you are interviewing, I can promise they offer different levels of service and expertise.  Do your homework and ask why.

Perspective Is Everything

As we’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts, ordering new furnishings and renovations take time – but in the end, they are well worth the wait.  Custom doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s these kind of details that make a home beautiful for years to come. 

Custom cabinetry  designed for a client, Dana Wolter Interiors, Graham Yelton Photography


Timeless Interior Design, Dana Wolter Interiors

Does Your Home Have Architectural Features and Customization?

What makes your home special and unique?  Does it have strong enough architectural details that are in keeping with the style of the house, great light or intentional focal points to catch your eye? 

Incorporating timeless, classic architectural elements and features will up-level the look of your home while also standing the test of time.

Invest Wisely

One of the most common questions clients ask is where to focus their budget during the renovation process.

I always recommend making sure the bones of the house are right first with beautiful finishes and natural materials.  Furnishings and accessories should lightly layer in to soften and pull together each space.  

Buy the best your budget allows and think longterm.  Furnish a home with the intention that it will stay as is – or added to for a collected feel- for many years to come.  

Classic, timeless Interior design
A mix of finishes and details for a collected look, Dana Wolter Interiors


We hope these tips help guide you during your next project.  If we can help you update your dated home, reach out to us here or call us at 205-938-4848.

Have a great day,



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Living Well

Renovating A Client’s Childhood Home

We have recently begun working on the renovation of a client’s childhood home.

The wife and I met through one of my 3.5 hour consults as she was looking for direction for her family’s newly purchased childhood home.  During our conversation, I gave a few reasons as to why they should renovate to really make it work for their young, pet-friendly family. 

As a result, they hired us to select the interior finishes and lighting throughout.  


Dana Wolter Living Room
A Recently Completed Family Room, Dana Wolter Interiors, Graham Yelton Photography


Though the bones of the house are good- and the memories even better- we are updating the house with classic, timeless materials and details. A

Our goal is a beautiful home with a casual, comfortable feel that only looks better with time. 


Dana Wolter Interiors, Lighting Detail
Dana Wolter Interiors, Interior Details, Graham Yelton Photography


The kitchen is completely gutted and is getting the biggest makeover.  A large window is being added because bringing in light was a priority throughout the house.

We are also updating the home with hidden storage (can you ever have enough?) and finding ways to make this new home work and function for them for years to come.


Dana Wolter Interiors, Kitchen Renovation
Dana Wolter Interiors, Kitchen Renovation


Dana Wolter Interiors, Renovation
Dana Wolter Interiors, Renovation


Stay tuned as we share our progress over the next few months. I can’t wait to make this childhood home into a space where this family can play, relax and enjoy each other. 

Have a great day,




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