Living Well

Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Hump Day!




Do you share your home with those you love?  Or, do you rarely invite guests over because your house isn’t perfect?


The more happiness and laughter that enters your house, the more it will feel like a home.


While interiors make your home pretty, the people inside are your best accessories.


Recently, I had a friend make a comment about my home always having fresh flowers and looking “magazine ready”. While I wish that was the case, it is far from the truth.


Most days, my foyer is filled with the clutter of clothes, shoes, bags and books, much like the picture below.



foyer- mess



Yes, that is only one of two different pairs of shoes.  Who knows where the matches are?!


I’ll take the disorder, though.


The mess we make living our lives fills our home with memories and turns it into much more than a mere dwelling place.


Homes are meant to be lived in, and I hope my friends and family  always feel “at home” when they are in mine.



Have a good one,




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Living Well

Happy Birthday, America!

It’s time to light up the grill, hit the beach or pool, and buy some fireworks because it is the week of the Fourth of July!

I’m celebrating the holiday at the beach with my family and am looking forward to some rest and relaxation.  Lots of family, friends, and making some good memories.


image from pinterest

Happy Fourth of July,


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Living Well

Memorable Monday

With the beginning of another school year, I’m feeling a little nostalgic. It is hard to believe Ann is a seventh grader, Ellie a freshman, and Lucy a junior. Where has time gone? That being said, the first day of school brings about somewhat of a rebirth. It offers an opportunity for new experiences, new relationships, new knowledge and new skills. Here’s to wishing my girls a memorable Monday.


Hope your Monday is memorable too!