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Two Quick (And Pretty) Ways To Fold The Holiday Napkin

It’s that time already!  Can you believe the holidays are here?!


Radio stations are playing Christmas music,  and lights and greenery are hung.


We thought it might be nice over the next few weeks to offer a few quick tips on how to simplify this crazy time of year.


Homes will soon be filled with festive décor, food, friends and family, and hopefully our tips will help you not stress enjoy this season.


Today, I am sharing a TV segment I taped a few years back for  NBC-13  Birmingham with David Lamb on a few easy ways to fold napkins.  David and I had a lot of fun perfecting the art, and I promise, if we can do it, so can you.   Take a look:




Little tricks – from hand-written place cards and unique napkin folds – can help make for memorable meals during the holidays.


Watch this video to see how easily you can add elegance to your table and set the scene for a delicious feast.


This is my Thanksgiving table from last year. Notice how the folded napkin is a small detail that makes a beautiful statement. Image from Dana Wolter Interiors.


I hope you found this post helpful.  Stay tuned for more holiday entertaining ideas.


Ready or not….. Tis the season,



We will be announcing the winners of the “Birmingham Style” book giveaway Friday so stayed tuned for that as well. In case you missed the giveaway details, check out my blog post from last Friday. It’s not too late to enter!


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Here’s to getting through this joyous (and certainly hectic at moments) time of the year,

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Quick Tips For Creating a Warm, Inviting Foyer

I thought you might enjoy a few tips for creating a foyer in your home that sets the tone for the rest of your house.

photo (33)

It isn’t hard to do, as long as you follow these simple principles.   Watch this video here from my latest television segment from NBC-13 Daytime Alabama with Wendy Garner and let me know how your foyer evolves.

photo (5)

Have a great day, everyone.


If you would like to see more on a day to day basis of what we do at DWI,  join us.

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The Kitchen

Recently, I taped a television segment on kitchen trends for Daytime AL.   I always enjoy working with them as they are just a really great group of nice, fun people.   If you haven’t seen their show before, catch them on NBC at 11:30 Monday thru Friday, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Whether discussing kitchens with Wendy or with a client, my number one recommendation for this space is to incorporate natural materials.   They stand the test of time, as there is nothing prettier to me than an old piece of marble or limestone.  Here are a few things that I am seeing and loving lately…

Marble is beautiful and using it in a subway tile makes it even more gorgeous…

Colored appliances are making their way back, but the look is much more fresh and modern than the ones from back when…

My favorite look right now and one I look forward to using soon is unlacquered brass hardware.  I love the fact the patina becomes even more beautiful the more it is touched…

How about you? What are your favorite looks for the kitchen right now? Please share your thoughts with us.

If you like, you can watch the full segment here on Daytime AL for more tips and ideas.   Have a great day, everyone-


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