Living Well

Beach-Inspired Living

Do you ever feel like this?

completely frazzled???? (image from


Yes?  Me too.

And there’s not a better cure than completely unplugging… and heading to the beach…..which I did last week.

Talk about rejuvenation!


So, with sand, sun, and stress-free days on my mind, I’m motivated to incorporate more relaxation into my daily life.

Best way to do this?  Bring it into the home!  Beach-inspired living doesn’t mean you have to have sand for flooring, but a few details here and there work.

I love accessorizing with coral, driftwood, and shells, not only because of their color, but also for the texture they provide.

client's master bath accessorized with shells

I also love the Regina Andrew line and the shells they sell!  So gorgeous.


clam-shell by Regina Andrew

Have you ever been in a beach house that is dark and dreary?   No, and there is a reason for it.   Keep the interiors light, bright, and pay attention to the detail.  (i.e. Check out the planking below!   Love it!)

jonathan adler

See if you can’t bring some of your vacation home with you, as I intend — in home-style and lifestyle.   You may be surprised by what you fall in love with — like, your life? — but a more relaxed, kick-backed version!