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Decorating For The Holidays

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I think I am finally ready for Christmas as my house is decorated and my to-do list is ALMOST complete.  I guess that is a good thing since Christmas is only two days away!

While I love all of the pretty things you see this time of year, I am really trying to simplify my life to remember why I am celebrating.   Less is more in my book these days.

Here are some pictures of a few of the decorations found around my home:


ann is busy making a moss wreath

this year's christmas tree after it fell over TWICE!

keeping it simple-

boxwood wreaths decorate the front door

And for my three favorite decorations of all……

Merry Christmas from our family to yours


I am taking a few days off after Christmas, so this will be my last post until 2012.   Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your family.   


Lunch With A Friend

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I had the nicest lunch on Friday with Paula Coldiron from the lifestyle blog, Two Ellie

paula and her family

 If you have not read it, check Two Ellie out as it is a good one!   Paula is a stay at home mom and has made quite a name for herself in the blog world.  I am honored to call her a friend as she is as kind and genuine as she comes across in her writing.  Here are a few pictures from her recent posts:

collage from a recent Christmas post

wreath from her own home

the cooper bag


i ADORE this piece she posted from jarbo wear


When you have a minute, look at Paula’s blog and let me know what you think.  Have a good one-


Fun Fall Trends

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My segment on fall trends for the home is airing TODAY, October 19th, on NBC-13 Daytime Alabama at 11:30 AM.  I have to say, I adore this season’s looks!  If I had to sum it up in one word, I’d say — lush!

Here’s a preview for what’s in for fall 2011:

1.  Brass —  It’s back!  Whether it’s lacquered or unlacquered, this is not your 70s flashback.  The shapes are uber-modern, and the color is rich and refined.  I’m also loving bronze right now — see the large handle below.

2.  Driftwood — The gorgeous shape and color of wood touched by the sea is showing up in homes all over.  It acts almost like a piece of sculpture, and I’ve found some amazing accessories made out of it.   What better way to bring a bit of nature into your home, while still keeping it chic?  Check out the chandelier below to see what I mean…

unhung chandelier made from driftwood

The wall below makes a bold statement, but check out the crafty yet chic driftwood lamp next to it.   Driftwood in the home is definitely a trend, so a little goes a long way.

from pinterest

3.  Colors — We saw a lot of turquoise last spring and summer, but as it cools off, the deeper hue, teal, is popping up in its place, and it is beautiful!  I especially love it as an accent with warmer neutrals and even grays….  Other colors to pair with gray are the softer purples that I’ve been talking about, as well as eggplant.

Here is a great example of grays and purples by Susan Ferrier:

Another color that is a must for 2011 — saffron!

close up on fall colors!

4.  Wool — As far as materials go for fall, wool cannot be beat.  Softer wool is making its way into homes and fashion this season.  The look is draping, feminine, and sophisticated.  In homes, it is being used as upholstery as well as on pillows, rugs, and throws.

Tune in tomorrow to NBC-13 — that’s Friday, October 7th– for more on these amazing fall trends!

Falling for Gourds

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Summer is to flowers as fall is to…gourds!  Take inspiration from the colors and shapes of the season’s harvest to add that extra something to your home.

I love the grays, blues, and creamy white color of the season’s mix.    Here are a few arrangements I’ve been playing with recently:

For a few tips on how to create these arrangements, watch my segment on NBC – 13 Daytime Alabama:

Dana Wolter, Floral Arrangements….

Floral Arrangements for the Shoot

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One thing that made the photo shoot I mentioned in my previous post so much fun — and the rooms that much more exquisite — were the beautiful flower arrangements created by Chris Carter of Christopher Glenn.  Take a look…

I have been working hard the past three weeks on an exciting new project!

It’s an incredible, historical house in Birmingham — home to a fun, young family — and they hired me to work on the interiors of a few rooms.  Interestingly, as we began the project, Cathy Johnson, editor of Birmingham Home and Garden Magazine, called.  It turns out this house appeared in the magazine’s first issue, and she wanted to feature it again for the upcoming 10th anniversary issue!

While the rooms are not complete due to the quick deadline, I was pleased with how it looked for the shoot.  If it looks this beautiful with a few pieces we plan on replacing, imagine how it will look when everything is installed!  While I cannot share the final photos until the article is published, I do want to give you a little preview.

Jean Allsopp works her magic!

me with the girls who live there -- aren't they cute?!

cathy helping with placement for the angle of the shot

Thanks, as always, to Cathy and  Jean Allsopp Photography!

Below is the home of my client and dear friend.    I am pleased to announce some of these photos recently appeared, much to my delight, in the March 2011 issue of  Birmingham Home and Garden.  A big thanks to Jean Allsopp Photography for allowing me to post!

I had so much fun designing this house, and I think it shows — enjoy the peek!

functional and sleek kitchen

breakfast nook

child-friendly family room


close up look



master bedroom

does it get any cozier than this?

What If a Tornado Hit Your Town?

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As you’ve seen on the news – or perhaps firsthand – many areas of Alabama and surrounding states were devastated by tornadoes on April 27, 2011.  One of the places most devastated was my hometown of Tuscaloosa.  Some areas are barely recognizable; pictures of the damage do not do it justice.

Thankfully, thousands of people have literally come to the rescue, and the design world is not an exception.  Candy Silvasy of the website, Art of the Spa (@theartofthespa), and Leslie Carothers, at The Kaleidoscope Parnership (@tkpleslie),  joined together to host a tweet-a-thon fundraiser.   For every retweet of the Tornado Aid Magazine, $5 was donated to the Salvation Army, who is doing a wonderful job helping victims in the affected states.  I am honored to say that I, along with Schumacher fabrics (@Schumacher1889) and The Century House (@TheCenturyHouse), sponsored this event.

Below are a few pictures I took of the destruction.   It is an odd feeling to drive down a road I have driven all of my life and  unsure where a landmark used to be.

Candy and Leslie were also kind enough to ask me for my personal account of the tragedy for the online magazine, as they knew I have family in Tuscaloosa, and my hometown is dear to my heart.  After you go to and RT the link to the Resource Guide (Tornado Aid Magazine) with the #TornadoAid tag, click here to read what I had to say about my account of this horrible day (page 6): ISSUU

Thanks for doing your part to help those in need!