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DWI Offers A One-Time Design Consult

While my firm offers full service interior design projects, every once in a while I will open up a few appointments for a one-time interior design consult.  

I have not offered any of these appointments the past two years as we have been busy servicing our full-time clients. I have decided to open up a couple of two-hour appointments over the next month. If you are interested, reach out soon as I am not planning on opening up any extra appointments once these are filled.

This service is designed for the client who needs direction and help making decisions for their home but wants to implement the list as their budget and time allow.

In the past, it has gone over really well not only for clients in Alabama but for clients all over the country.  I have had several people fly in, drive over or even phone conference with me from across the country. 

If you have been noticing all the things you want to change in your home but need some direction, this service is for you.

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Dana Wolter Interiors

Here’s how the interior design consult works:

We will ask for a list from you of what you would like to discuss and accomplish during our time together.  During our appointment, I will then spend the next two hours of uninterrupted time answering questions.  

We can discuss design dilemmas, fabric direction, paint colors, to knock down a wall or not– you name it.

Dana Wolter Interiors, Mudroom Interior Design
Our 2018 Southeastern Showhouse Mudroom, Dana Wolter Interiors, Emily Followill Photography

People who have invested in this consult have been surprised over the amount of detail and information that comes from it. We work hard when we are together.

Matter of fact, I recently saw a client who hired me a few years ago to help her with the finishes, colors, materials, etc.., for a family lake house under construction.

I couldn’t help but smile as she proudly showed me pictures of the finished product.  They didn’t have furniture yet, but the house turned out so pretty.  She did a great job implementing my suggestions for building their vacation home.

Kitchen Design Tips, Dana Wolter Interiors
A beautiful kitchen project of Dana Wolter Interiors as seen in Traditional Home
Butler's Pantry Design, Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors, Graham Yelton Photography

If you think this interior design consult can help transform your home into one you love, inquire here. I would love to talk with you.

Have a great day-


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