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Five Ways to Create A Warm, Inviting Foyer (and set the tone for the rest of your home)

Your foyer is the first impression of your home, and you want to make it a good one.


On any project I am working on, I always look for ways to make a statement and create warmth in the foyer.  After all, it gives your guests the first impression of what to expect in the rest of your house.


Here are five ways to create a warm, inviting  foyer:


1.  Add a piece of furniture and or seating (preferably something with fabric) to soften the space.



Opposite angle of Rose Uniacke's work
Rose Uniacke



Rose Uniacke
Opposite view of the same room.   Isn’t it gorgeous?   I love the mix of textures throughout.



McAlpine Booth and Ferrier
McAlpine Booth and Ferrier



2.  Make the space personal- Add your favorite piece of artwork,  a frame with a sepia photo, etc….



Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors Graham Yelton Photography




Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors



3.  Make the space useful- Depending on the size, create a place to sit to put on your shoes or at the very least add a tray to catch your keys.



4.  Include something fresh such as flowers or a plant.



5.  Layer the space with accessories to create dimension and to make it look like it has been collected over time.



Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors   Jean Allsopp photography



Below is a video I shot a few years back with Wendy Garner talking about how to transform this overlooked space.  Click here to watch for a few tips for your foyer.

photo (5)
Dana Wolters’ TV Segment on “Ways To Create An Inviting Foyer”



So, what does your foyer say about your home?   Does it set the tone and catch your visitor’s eye, or is it a “catch-all” area you want to hurry your guests through?

Have a great day, everyone, and here’s to making your foyer makes a good first impression.


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