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The Editor At Large Interview

A few weeks ago,  I was part of a panel at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center in Atlanta, GA, discussing how to incorporate technology and social media into a business.



The Editor At Large, who covered the event, asked my thoughts on how ADAC supports designers in the industry and what I view as “cutting edge”.   You can watch the clip here.



Editor At Large Interview with Arianne Nardo
The Editor At Large Interview with Arianne Nardo




It was a fun few days at ADAC, the energy was amazing throughout the building, and hopefully all of us learned a few ways to grow our business by using these tools.


Coastal Living Homes Editor Ellen McGauley and Southern Living Senior Homes Editor Zoë Gowen led our particular panel, and Cortney Bishop of Charleston, South Carolina, joined us.


Special thanks to The Shade Store for sponsoring.



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Our session had lots of discussion and tips on what’s working online, what’s not working, and what the future of design entails with social media and technology.


I loved being on the panel with Cortney, as we first met when we were named as NewTrads by Traditional Home in 2014.



Here are a few takeaways from our talk:

1. Social media isn’t going anywhere, so if you aren’t already using it to grow your business, now is the time.

2. Find the social media platform that work best for you, and focus on it.

3. What is the first thing you do when you hear someone’s name and you want to find out more about them?  You Google them.   A website is a must for any business.

4. Everything that comes out of your office speaks of your brand, so make sure it gives the message you are trying to portray.



The session was taped so if you would like to watch, go to my Facebook page here.   Skip through the introduction as the sound is bad, but it clears up after the first few minutes.



Let me know if these video links help with your business, too.





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