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Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Create The Home Of Your Dreams

Are you worried about making a decorating mistake with your home so you play it safe by keeping your interiors “status quo”?


After all, furnishing your home is a big investment in time and money, and one you should spend wisely.


While your home’s finishes and furnishings should be classic enough to stand the test of time, it needs to be a reflection of you and your family.   It should be special and unique to you.  You can-and should- have an interior with a few features that make the room an incredible one.


That is not to say it should be flashy or trendy.  Quite the opposite- it should be a layer that catches your eye but blends into the rest of the space.



Here are a few ways we have customized some of the rooms in a few of our projects:


Upholster a wall or niche- It’s a great way to add softness to a room.


Dana Wolter Interiors Graham Yelton Photography
Dana Wolter Interiors Graham Yelton Photography



watermark foyer
Dana Wolter Interiors



Or line a wall or two with sheers to create dimension in a room……


watermark stewart
Dana Wolter Interiors



Dana Wolter Interiors. Graham Yelton Photography
Dana Wolter Interiors. Graham Yelton Photography



Take a block of a God-made material such as marble……






And turn it into a beautiful floating vanity……


Dana Wolter Interiors. Graham Yelton Photography



Step away from painted cabinets and invest in reeded cabinetry that are limed and waxed…..


Dana Wolter Interiors. Graham Yelton Photography
Dana Wolter Interiors. Graham Yelton Photography




Or maybe you have a room that doesn’t function as well as it should for your family.  For this client, it was her breakfast room……







So we designed a custom banquette, 16 feet long, that is made specifically for the space and her large family….


watermark link banquette
Dana Wolter Interiors. Graham Yelton Photography


If you can’t see what your space needs to be amazing, hire someone who knows how to give your home its own look in a way that works architecturally and aesthetically.


This is where an experienced designer worth her pay can make a difference.   If you are going to take a risk with your home’s decor, you need to have someone who can visualize the result and implement it.


I have seen clients go with less expensive designers or do it themselves to “save money”, only to spend thousands more cleaning up mistakes.


I often tell the client who hires me to help from the ground up to the furnishings that often my services pay for themselves.  I know how to save and where to invest so the money you save often pays for my fee.   Not to mention you end up with a prettier home in the end, too.


Hire someone you can trust who has the vision to see all your home wants to be.  If you would like to discuss how we may be able to help take your home from okay to incredible, email us here.   After all, your home is an investment, and you want to make a good one.


Have a great day, everyone-


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