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Painted Hardwood Floors

I go through spurts working on my own home, and one project I’ve taken on recently has been painting my daughter’s hardwood floors.


We decided a few months ago we wanted a different look from what she had, and as the summer rolled to the end, it was time to tackle .


So with an idea in mind, we put our thoughts on paper.  When you are talking about a pattern being painted on your hardwood floors, you have to know exactly how it will lay out.  No time for guessing.

Dana Wolter Interiors
Pattern for the painted floor- Dana Wolter Interiors




Painted hardwood floors are beautiful, but it is a process.  The floors were stained, so we first began by putting a coats of Kilz on top of the stain.   After it dried, we painted two good coats of a custom mixed porch paint to match the wall color.






As you can see, the entire family pitched in.



Good thing Bitsy didn’t leave a print or two.



After the base coat was finished, I called in the experts at Paintworks to paint the pattern. The drawing we created was detailed for them to follow, and I thought it was best to leave this part to someone who does it on a regular basis.


Danny at Paintworks told me we should have painted our stripe color first.  NOTE: If you try this, this is a big point, because it led to having to repaint our base coat.




This time with the right color painted as the base



The white color painted over the taped pattern





As you can see, the humidity caused the tape to pull up a little bit of the gray color, but after he fixed these places, the floor looked great.

Painted hardwood floors complete- Dana Wolter Interiors



Stay tuned on social media as I share pictures of the room as we furnish it.   It’s already made quite a transformation.




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