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#VestaviaHills Project – Library

One of the new construction projects we are working on includes a library/office space.  It is going to be beautiful with waxed oak cabinetry and paneling, along with a hidden room behind one bookcase.


As you can see, we’ve taken the existing layout and tweaked it.   I like adding the furniture plan into a room before it is framed to know EXACTLY how a room lays out.  This allows us to make any tweaks to the shell before framing begins.









Image by Dana Wolter Interiors



Having a seating area and a desk in this room provides many functions for this space, which I love because I am always looking for ways to draw you into a room.  You should live in every square inch of your home, but sometimes you need to know ahead of time just what you will be doing in there.


With the detailing of the hidden door and custom cabinetry, this is where it pays to have a really good cabinet craftsmen working on the project.  Thanks goodness ours likes detail and customized projects.


We’ve shared the breakfast room/kitchen space here, and stay tuned as we share the progress on the rest of our #VestaviaHills project.   It is going to have some really pretty elements built into it.




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