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Design Tips For Your Home

Homes are an investment, so spend your money wisely by following these design tips.


Whether you are a building, renovating, or updating a space, there are several common mistakes I often see.   They can be costly ones- either causing buyer’s remorse or worse,  decisions that lower the value of your home when it is time to sell.



1. Choosing quality over quantity.   Remember, it is always better to build or buy a smaller home with nicer finishes than a large one with generic ones.  McMansions are a thing of the past, and as people focus on enjoying their homes, they want to enjoy some of the luxuries that can come with it.   Not to mention quality lasts, where subpar has to be replaced in a few years.


2. When building or renovating, leave enough money to furnish it.    Your surroundings play an important part in how you live and enjoy life, and the last thing you want to do is build an incredible home, only to live with empty rooms.  I get it- you are mentally/physically exhausted, tired of spending money, and you think you will go back and finish at a later date.  Life happens, bills come up, and it’s always easier (and better) to do it when you are in that mindset.


3.  Buy a rug that is proportional to the room.  A rug that is proportional to a room is one of the most important things you can do to ground the space, especially if it is a large room.    If you don’t have the basic pieces correct in a space, the room will never feel right.   It is a layer, and the layer needs to be in relation to the size of the room.


4. Before you buy, have a furniture layout in mind. This is where a professional can really make a difference, because we know what scale pieces fit a room, how much of a walkway will be left with a certain size sofa and chair, etc….  Furnishing your home is an investment, one you should enjoy for many years, so spend your money wisely the first time.



Dana Wolter Interiors Photography by Graham Yelton




5.  Be patient until you can afford to purchase the right piece.  A room should be enjoyed for a long time, and it is an investment.   Wait until you can buy the rug you really want, or the table that speaks to you.  Over many years, a few hundred dollar savings or even a thousand will not mean much over the long span of time of enjoying the piece you really want.







6.  Mix up the furniture lines used throughout your home.   This goes with upholstery, too.  Mix old and new, etc…  I am beginning to see the same upholstery line used throughout a home, and your home should never look like an ad for a showroom floor or furniture line.



Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors





Graham Yelton Photography Dana Wolter Interiors
Graham Yelton Photography Dana Wolter Interiors



Hope these home design tips (and mistakes to avoid) help you create a home you love.  Let me know what resonates with you and what other suggestions come to mind.

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