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A House Made Into A Forever Home

We’ve been working on a new project for a cute couple with school-aged children.   This is their forever home, but right now this recently purchased property doesn’t feel very special to them.


They’ve hired us to completely redo the furnishings in the foyer, living room, family room, dining room, breakfast room, and playroom.   We are adding in a new front door and tongue and groove planking in the foyer.   My goal is to make this house their HOME and a place to watch their children grow and make memories.  It sits on a wonderful piece of property, and is perfect for a family with growing children.


When we first sat down, my client had a stack of pictures for me to see.  I loved hearing what she liked about each and what grabbed her attention.  She likes a collection of antiques mixed with new pieces.  A collected, layer look, which is what I love to create.


My client is drawn to the look of Steve and Brooke Gianetti’s Patina Farm, which you can also see in more detail from a feature in Veranda several months back.   The rooms we are creating need to carry them through for many years, but that doesn’t mean they will be boring or predictable.


We are creating some edge through a layering of fabric textures, custom furniture, and a few upholstered pieces I am designing for specific spaces.



Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors



Everyday elegance is our goal- practical and durable for life with a busy family, but sophisticated enough to enjoy with adult friends and family.


Purposeful living that is pretty, simple and sophisticated.  Neutral fabrics with touches of tan and soft blues and grays.



Fabrics selected for the upholstery and drapes in the living room. Dana Wolter Interiors




Close up of an alpaca fabric going on an occasional chair in the living room
Close up of an alpaca fabric going on an occasional chair in the living room



This house is going to transform- and in a big way.   We presented all of the spaces last week so we begin ordering very soon.


It is going to be beautiful and I look forward to installing in a few months.   We will keep you posted on its progress.


Have a great day, everyone-





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