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Can You Save Money By Hiring A Designer?

Can you save money by hiring a designer for your home project?


You bet!


The misconception that hiring a designer is expensive disappears when you hire an exceptional one and see firsthand the value in it.


As I was reading recently what one of my favorite clients wrote for my testimonial page, it occurred to me that many of you can probably relate to her state of regret after a few bad purchases:


“Dana entered our recently renovated, chaotic, choppy home and listened to our family’s needs, vision, and lifestyle.  Unfortunately I had  recently bought some furniture (that our kids loved) which did not necessarily match what I ultimately envisioned, but she was able to transform even expensive mistakes into a balanced, livable, inviting home.

While at first I had misgivings that following all the recommendations could be costly, I quickly realized that Dana was spot-on and much less expensive than fixing more mistakes made by me with a loose credit card. “

 Client, Mtn. Brook, AL



I hesitate to write a post that focuses on the monetary aspect of my profession, because my value is in my knowledge, my service, my creativity, and my practical ability to create elegant, functional homes that change how families live.


Yes, if you look strictly at the monetary cost of hiring a professional, you will not see past the dollar signs.   After all, it is an investment, and one that can cost several thousands of dollars.


BUT if you are making the investment it takes to build, renovate or simply furnish a home that will stand the test of time,  how can you afford to NOT hire someone who knows where to invest in your home and where to save so money is well spent?


When someone hires us to work with the architect, builder, and landscape architect from conception to construction and into the installation of the furnishings, they have an advocate watching out to make sure things go accordingly.   Your baby becomes our baby, too.



Dana Wolter Interiors
A project we are currently working on- Dana Wolter Interiors



Checking measurements- sometimes areas aren’t framed as drawn



We work to bring to fruition the dreams and visions our clients have but can’t necessarily express- or create- on their own.


I also have clients, such as the one above, who hire me to furnish the home AFTER costly mistakes have been made.   I am a big believer that all projects need a plan with specific sizes of chairs, tables, etc…designated so you know how a room will flow and the scale of each piece.  No surprises when the furniture is delivered.


When you start purchasing haphazardly to fill a space,  mistakes happen.


Because, after all, who wants to invest all this money and have regret set in?


No me and I bet not you, either.


Woman Pulling Hair out




Hire someone to make the right choices from the beginning so you can save time, effort, and money.   A good designer listens and knows how to create a plan of action tailored to your home and family.


Do your homework.  Find someone you can trust, and trust them.


A vision without costly mistakes, with pieces you will want to keep.   Designed spaces that will stand the test of time so your money is well spent. These are always a few of the goals when hiring a designer.


Just food for thought.   Let me know your experience with your designer and if it was worth the investment in your project.


Have a great day, everyone-





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