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New Design Service- “Everything In Its Place”

Is your home almost complete, but still missing the last layer of art, rugs, and accessories to pull it together?


Not sure how to do this, so you need someone to come in and finish it for you?


If so, DWI is offering a new design service called “Everything In Its Place”, and it may be the perfect one for you.


We normally design full rooms or entire homes, but lately my junior designers have taken on a few day projects offering this service, and it has gone over really well- and made a huge difference in some interiors.


They say the devil is in the details, and this last step is just as important as all of the others.


Here is how “Everything In Its Place” works:


Our junior designer makes a site visit to discuss your home and needs.    She makes a list of the areas to address and takes lots of measurements and pictures.    She sits down with me for a couple of hours and we make a list of how to approach these spaces.






She then goes shopping for you, and she and one of our other designers schedule a day to install.


Once they have finished, you decide what you would like to keep.   You are not obligated to buy everything they pull but there is a minimum and an hourly rate for this service.



Artwork by Wellon Bridgers recently commissioned for a recent client. Dana Wolter Interiors
Artwork by Wellon Bridgers recently commissioned for an “Everything In It’s Place” client. Dana Wolter Interiors



If you would like more information on “Everything In Its Place” or the other services we offer, feel free to email us at  Let us know your needs as we look forward to hearing from you-






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