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#Vestavia Project In Full Swing

Our #Vestavia project is in full swing as the footings are poured and they hope to begin framing very soon.


This is a new construction where we were hired during the drawing stages and will follow through until the installation of the furnishings.  It’s the forever dream home for a cute couple with young children, and how exciting to play a small part in creating a home where family memories will be made for years to come.


We have been working on the furniture layouts in many of the rooms to make sure all flows as intended.  I like to draw these early on when needed as it is a lot easier to change things before framing begins.


I am a big believer that all rooms, especially your kitchen, should welcome guests into your home and make them feel at home.


I think that is probably why I am such a fan of banquettes-  I love how more people can sit around them than just a table with chairs, and a banquette adds an element of customization and softness in a room filled with hard surfaces.


This is exactly my reasoning for adding one in this home we are building.


Architect’s plans of Before:





The architect had drawn a desk on the west wall of the breakfast area (though it isnt shown here).   We’ve added a banquette in its spot and mirrored the opposite wall with built-in desks along the wall.   My client likes the idea of a desk area for her girls to one day work on homework, etc…..  I don’t see top cabinets here as I want the space itself to read clean, even though on some days it may be filled with papers and everyday living    Lots of storage in the desk will keep this area neat and tidy, all while the banquette maximizes seating, which is great for entertaining friends and family.


We have extended the walls to accommodate this switch, and while there is still plenty of room to walk around the island, I am wanting to cut it down a little bit and get rid of the two counter stools at the end.  The end of the island is encroaching into the walkway a bit and with the island not being centered in the space, I think making it as close to center as possible will look better.


The banquette has been drawn two ways.  Which one do you like best?











The homeowners have already chosen their favorite, but I would love to know what is yours.


If you are building and are interested in having us help you create the home of your dreams, email us at info@danawolterinteriors.  We would love to discuss your project with you.


Have a great day, everyone-




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