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The Designer Tip Of The Day

The Designer Tip Of The Day is one I find myself discussing often.   With the investment that it takes to furnish a home for the long haul, clients want to make sure their beautiful home can endure children, grandchildren, pets and everyday life.


And rightly so.


I have to educate some of my clients the importance of looking past the color of the fabric and more at the makeup of it when designing a room.


The content of the fabric is what matters- not necessarily the color.


With technology these days, you can treat a fabric to make it a commercially grade fabric without changing the nap on it.   This means it looks the same but spills and stains come up more easily.


Believe it or not, this bone colored Schumacher fabric on my living room sofa has been treated and is ready for everyday life.  But would you know if I didn’t tell you my little secret?



Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors




Before you turn away from a light colored fabric because you are worried it wont hold up to all of the living that happens in your home, ask a few questions.  You may be pleasantly surprised.


Let me know if this Designer Tip Of The Day is helpful.  Have a great day-




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