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Making A Design Plan For Your Home

With the pretty weather and people in the mode of working on their home, I want to remind you about the 3.5 consult I offer where we create a detailed plan for your home.


While we tend to mostly work on full room or turn-key projects, this one time service is for the client who needs direction and help making decisions, but likes to take that information and do the legwork themselves.


I have even traveled across the country for them.


It has gone over really well, and the clients who have invested in this consult with me have been surprised over the amount of detail and information that comes with it.


Matter of fact, I have helped people not only rework rooms and the types of furniture to buy for the spaces, but others have used this service to select the finishes and paint colors for homes not yet under construction.


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Whatever your needs, you have my undivided attention to help you accomplish all that we need to do so in this time.



Here’s how the 3.5 hour consult works:


You send a list to me of all you would like to discuss and accomplish during our time together.    We make an appointment, and I will then spend 3.5 hours of  uninterrupted time answering any question you can possible think to ask me.  We can discuss design dilemmas, furniture arrangements, fabric direction, paint colors, to knock down a wall or not– you name it!


The more legwork you do before our meeting, the more productive our time will be together.   We will make a Pinterest board with specifics of what to look for when shopping for your home, and I will take detailed measurements so you won’t have to worry about coming home with the wrong size sofa, ever again.


After our meeting, you will receive a detailed synopsis of what was discussed and a list of all of the suggestions I make for the entire home.   This allows you to maximize your time with me while I take notes and write down all the specifics for you to implement at a later date.


Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors



This service is a great way to invest in your home by making sure what you are changing and buying is right for the space.  It also allows you the freedom to work on your project as your time and budget allows, all while following professional advice.


If you think this service can help you make your home the place you dream, email us at   I would love to talk with you.


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