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Five Ways To Bring Joy Into Your Home

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, so today is the day to find joy in life and home.


Yes, we want to exude joy onto others, but we must first find happiness within before we can share it.


With our homes being the place we spend more time than anywhere, it’s important to surround yourself with things you love and make you happy.









I believe you can make your home the home of your dreams, or something pretty close to it.



Here are five ways to create joy in your home:


1.  Fill it with love     What makes you happy?  Is it a color-filled room?  A relaxing bath?  Or a cozy spot tucked away in a room?   Whatever you gravitate towards, begin in that room or space and make it one you love.  If you aren’t sure of how to go about doing this, hire a professional designer to help.




Brooke Gianetti- Patina Farm for Veranda
Brooke Gianetti- Patina Farm for Veranda




2.   Clean out  I am a big believer you cannot enjoy a space filled with stuff that doesn’t appeal to you.

You can read here and here where I have talked about cleaning out clutter.

If you don’t love a piece,-nor are you using it- sell it, give it away or throw it away.  

Life is too short to surround yourself with things that bring you down.





Life is too short to surround yourself with things that bring you down.




3.  This next one follows along with the previous one…..Surround yourself with things you love.   Just as I want you to clean out, I want you to surround yourself with things you love.

Maybe it is a picture that reminds you of a moment when you were little, or a bunch of baseballs collected from professional games you went to with your family.



Dana Wolter - Trad Home magazine
Dana Wolter – Trad Home magazine



Your home doesn’t have to be perfect, only perfect to you.


4. Act Today.  Dont procrastinate.   I have walked into too many houses where they are not wanting to do anything because they “might” move, yet five or more years later, they are still waiting and living miserably.

Who knows what tomorrow holds for any of us?

Yes, be practical with how you invest in your home, but don’t let life pass you by.   Life is too short, make the changes to your home and ENJOY them.


5.   Don’t Compare Yourself To Your Neighbors.  No one’s life is perfect, and while your neighbor’s may look like it is on the outside, I promise it is not.  Be grateful for where you are in life and the blessings you take for granted.  We all have them- they are there.



Hope you found this helpful in creating joy in your home.   Life is a beautiful thing, and enjoy where you are today and make the most of it.


Have a great day, my friends-




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