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Five Reasons Design Online Might Be The Perfect Service For You…

Are you looking for a detailed plan for a room that can be implemented by you as your timeframe and budget allows?  If so, our Design Online service may be the perfect service for you.




Here are  five reasons Design Online is helpful to the client who likes to implement their own design plan but needs specific direction:


  1. Quick Turnaround:

Want a complete room makeover fast? Then our design online service is the perfect fit.  Projects are delivered within 4-6 weeks with this service.


      2. Budget Friendly:

On a budget? Design Online is a personalized and affordable alternative when a full interior design service is not an option.  You still receive a professional interior design plan and one that gives links to specific pieces you can purchase directly.


     3.  Convenience:

Want a full room makeover delivered right to your door? Through this service everything is done online, so no matter where you live, one of our experienced interior designers can help you with your home.


    4. Implement on your own Timeline:

Not sure exactly when you can tackle the entire project? We give you everything you will need for your room and you can implement as your timeline and budget allows.


   5.  Single Room Service:

Do you have only one room you want to update at this time right now?  This service works on one room at a time and we offer a wide range of room options.




Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll receive…



Image by Dana Wolter Interiors



If you are interested in learning more about Design Online or about our full interior design services we offer, please contact our team at for more information and pricing.


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