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Five Design Tips For The Bedroom

I recently installed my daughter’s bedroom and thought I would share a design tips.


It feels like a pied-a-terre as it is light, edgy, chic, and full of most amenities needed (like a bathroom, a television and a small refrigerator for water that she keeps behind closed doors).


I posted this picture below on Instagram, and I had several write or stop me around town asking me to share more glimpses into the room.




Dana Wolter Interiors. Graham Yelton Photography
Dana Wolter Interiors. Graham Yelton Photography




I can’t share too much, but I can show a little.


There was nothing wrong with her room before, but she was ready to upgrade from the bedroom we designed eight years ago.   And while the new room feels older than one for a teenager, it was on purpose.   She keeps her room neat, she is mature for her age, and  I wanted to select items “grown enough” that she could one day take with her when she moves out.


This room is a reflection of her, with a little help and direction from her mom.


From the wallcovering to the custom fabrics to a West Elm table, there is a mix of price points in her room, which I believe constitutes really good design.   Aside from the fact this is a teenager’s room, the art of mixing high and low is much more difficult than buying everything in an upper price point.


We first began by changing out the wallcovering in the room.  She always had an accent wall of paper in her bedroom, but she wanted something a little more chic.  We settled on this Cole and Son one in gold and gray, and it instantly changed the feel of the room.



watermakr ann 5
Dana Wolter Interiors. Graham Yelton Photography




I had a pair of chairs that were used in my girls’ playroom over ten years ago.  I am not one for keeping much I am not using, but for some reason, I always held onto these because they were small and had great lines.  They were also in great condition, so  I covered them and they instantly had a new life.   They are the perfect size and scale for this spot in her room.


She has a neutral headboard/footboard custom made from several years back, and we kept her bedding.  She originally wanted to replace her pillows and linens, but the bedding is in really good shape (invest wisely and you won’t have to replace) and I knew when we finished, I could mix the pieces in with the new.   She wasn’t too excited about this idea, but she had to trust her designer mother.    I think she would tell you now she is glad she did.





Dana Wolter Interiors. Graham Yelton Photography




So here are five tips when designing a bedroom for any age:

  1. Choose neutral on your headboard and linens.  It will age more gracefully and allow flexibility if you decide to change the room.
  2. Mix your price points.  This mean adding in a few splurge items to pull up a room on a budget, too.
  3. Invest in classic pieces you will want to keep, and watch your money on trends.
  4. Mix your textures.
  5. Make your room a reflection of you!


Hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into this newly installed room.   Now onto working on my middle daughter’s room next.  Have a great day, everyone-




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