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Southern Living Is Stopping By

There is nothing like a party to make me do a few things around my own home, especially when Southern Living is stopping in and bringing a group of designers by to visit.


Southern Living is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and they are kicking it off with a design summit here in Birmingham at the end of the week.  The lineup includes Bobby McAlpine, Susan Ferrier, Mary McDonald, Mark Sikes, and if you are interested in attending the lectures, you can buy your tickets here.


And as the stellar lineup of designers visits Birmingham, Southern Living has put together a progressive tour of our city for any of the lecturers and the Southern Living network group coming in the night before.


I love my city of Birmingham, and especially my suburb of Mountain Brook.  Any chance I have to show others how special the place I call home is, I am happy to do it.


The tour of Birmingham starts at my home and ends with a few stores before dinner in the new Southern Living test kitchen.  Its going to be a lot of fun, and I needed a fire under my you know what to make me do a few things around my own home.


So…. in the midst of client projects, dance competitions for my daughter, my father in the hospital, my husband out of town for two weeks LIFE, I have thrown working on my own home into the mix.  Its amazing how much better it makes me feel to have my paint touched up, the landscaping freshened up, and a few things moved around my home.


I keep my house in pretty good shape for the most part, but when you start thinking of ALL the people seeing your dirt, it makes you see your house in a different light for sure….



Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors



So, stay tuned as I polish my silver and rework a few things around my own home.  If you would like to follow along this weekend and next, check out my social media accounts below as I will post lots of pictures.


Have a great day, everyone-





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