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Easy Ways To Fold Napkins For The Holiday Table

Thanksgiving is in a week and we’re showing in this video here a few, easy ways to creatively fold the holiday napkin for your table.  This segment is one I taped a few years back for  NBC-13 with Wendy Garner and David Lamb.   David and I had a lot of fun perfecting the art, and I promise, if we can do it, so can you.






Little tricks – from hand-written place cards and unique napkin folds – can help make for memorable meals during the holidays.




This is my Thanksgiving table from last year. Notice how the folded napkin is a small detail that makes a beautiful statement. Image from Dana Wolter Interiors.


Let me know what you think and how your are going to decorate your table for the holidays.

Ready or not….. Tis the season,



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