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Tips For Accessorizing Your Walls

Do you have a hard time knowing how to accessorize your walls?

It’s not always easy to know what to buy and once you do find something you like, how to display it.

Artwork is a personal thing and you should always choose pieces that are more than just space fillers.  If you come across a piece you love, buy it as I promise you will  find a spot for it.   Surround yourself with artwork you will want to keep forever, and buy the best you can afford.


Here are a few quick tips to help you decide what to hang on your walls:


1. Mix it up

If you have a two oil paintings in a room, add a different medium such as one under glass.  This gives the room more dimension and depth.  I also love a good gallery wall because it instantly makes a room feel like it has been collected over time.

Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors


Dana Wolter Interiors. Photography by Jean Allsopp
Dana Wolter Interiors



2.  Make it personal.

When I was working on this client’s home,  she showed me this beautiful watercolor she commissioned of one of her girls.   We floated it in some glass and made it a focal point.  Isnt it a pretty piece?


GYC_BMetro_Dec057 (1)
Dana Wolter Interiors




3.  Always try to hang a mirror in a room.  Remember to check what it is reflecting.


Dana Wolter Interiors. Photography by Jean Allsopp
Dana Wolter Interiors. Photography by Jean Allsopp




4.  Layer.  

Here I have layered a pencil sketch over a mirror (and the mirror reflects an oil painting).

Dana Wolter Interiors
Dana Wolter Interiors



5.  If you have a collection, consider framing it together.  

My clients are HUGE baseball fans and had all of these incredible signed baseballs sitting all over the place.   We consolidated them in a shadow box, which gave them a higher prominence in this study.


Dana Wolter Interiors



Hope these tips help you when adding this important layer to a room.   As always, if you like what you see and want to know if we can help you with your home, email us at


Have a great day, everyone-





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