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How To Incorporate Gourds Into Your Fall Decor

It’s October and gourds and pumpkins are everywhere.


I love the gorgeous colors you see mixed among them, and they can be inspiration by itself.  But if you are ever wondering  how you can incorporate them into your fall decor, here are a few tips:



1.  Mix them in with other materials such as moss or fresh flowers.




This is a pic I snapped of a quick- and easy- arrangement I put together for a client’s party.   We took several gourds of all sizes and colors and softened them with moss and flowers.   I placed the flowers in test tubes filled with water to make the arrangement last for a while.  Easy, right?  That’s the name of the game in my book.



2.  Cut out the center and use as a vase.  Be sure to line with a plastic bag to avoid rotting.






3.  Mix in with your greenery outside.  




Head to your local grocery store or farmer’s market and fill up on a few of these fall favorites.  Select some gourds and pumpkins that will make you smile when you see them nicely arranged.  Let me know what you think and how you incorporated them into your holiday decor.


Happy Fall,




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