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#BootcampHomeTransformation: How To Make A House Your Home

Lately, it seems as if I am being reminded that every day is truly a gift.

While I have one friend celebrating a new life (her new baby is beautiful-and big!!),  a sweet teenage boy in our community has osteosarcoma and is fighting for his.

Life is about enjoying the present with family and friends, and your surroundings play a huge part in it.   Your house is where you LIVE– it’s where you create memories, nurse people back to health, celebrate milestones, and even mourn disappointments behind closed doors.

I am not saying you have to go out and spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to create memories.  What I am suggesting is if your home doesn’t make you happy or if you don’t find it a restful retreat, why you waiting to do something about it?


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I love my job because I  see over and over again what a changed environment can do for a family.  I have seen how making sure every square inch of a home is functional and cohesive can improve the quality of life for a family.  Yes, better for all of you.

Your house does not have to be perfect because we aren’t.   Let it have its little quirks- keep it real.



I want this post to be an action post to turning your home into a space you love.  Let’s call it #BootcampHomeTransformation.

It won’t be easy, but I promise if you will follow the steps, you will see some change for the better.   Follow along this week and next and let me know how it is going for you.


So…. Let’s get started.


Step One: Decide on your room and come up with five words to describe it for when you are done.

Pull out a piece of paper and write down the room you want to begin.  Choose one room and one room only to focus in on today.    I want this to be doable, so if you are overwhelmed right now with your home, select a small space such as a foyer versus a large living space.

Come up with five words you want to use to describe this room and write them down.


Step Two:  Assess the function of each room.  It does not matter whether you have a 1,500 or a 15,000 sq ft home, every room should have a purpose.  The goal is to utilize every square inch in your home, and love it!

Write down the function of this room.  For instance, it may be as simple as a place to greet my guests, a place to read, a room to lay my keys, a place to put my shoes on before heading out the door, etc….   Is that extra bedroom a study, a guest bedroom, or a workout room?  Or is it just pretending to be all of those things when it’s really just storage?  Give the room an identity so you can organize and decorate accordingly.


I want you to wait a day or two before tackling the next step.  I want you to process how this room is to work for you.


Step Three:   Clean Out

Take everything- yes, everything-  out the room.

Ask your self about every piece your fingers touch- Do you use it?   Do you love it?   If no is your answer, give it or throw it away.  Yes, it is okay to part ways with a family piece you do not love.  I give you permission, so get rid of the guilt, and let it go.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  The rocking chair from my daughter’s room was her great-great aunt’s, but because she has outgrown the need of one, I gave it back to my parent’s.

Just because it is a family heirloom or your aunt gave it to you for your wedding doesn’t mean it belongs in your home.  So many tastes are out there, and I bet you can find a home for it (your sister? your niece? your neighbor?). So do it.  Pronto.  De-clutter.

Keep only what you love and use…and you will definitely see and feel a difference in your home immediately!





don’t the objects here just FEEL loved?  by Nate Berkus




This is it until next Monday.  The only thing I ask in return is to follow each step and give me feedback.  Let me know how it is going, and please share with others.


Here’s to living today at its fullest,




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