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A Kitchen Renovation in Atlanta

Recently, a client in Atlanta took advantage of my 3.5 hour consultation . She was interested in direction for each room and wanted recommendations for updating her kitchen to accommodate her family’s needs.

We went through each space, discussed her needs, and I gave my input. We discussed the changes I would make to her kitchen and, a few months later she came back and asked us to draw it, help her select finishes and assist her contractor where needed. 

Atlanta Kitchen Renovation by Dana Wolter Interiors
Schematics for an Atlanta Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the hub of the house so a renovation should not be taken lightly. It is a major investment and you want the finishes to be classic enough to stand the test of time.  Not only does the space need to feel warm and inviting, but it also needs to be highly functional to suit the needs of the family that lives there.

This client has great taste, a beautiful home, and a strong idea of what she wanted, but just needed help pulling it together.

My client wanted a large steel window as a focal point to draw the eye onto a beautiful view. We kept the lines simple on the cabinets  flanking the steel window, and we placed them directly atop the counter.  They are set back just a bit so they are not quite as deep as the bottom ones. Then, to add dimension and soft lighting, we added sconces on each side of the cabinets. The fridge wall is also getting new cabinets to match these.

If you’re thinking of renovating or updating your home and would like some professional help, my 3.5 hour consult may be just what you need make your home a haven.


kitchen renovation
My view from the plane on a recent trip to Texas I took for a 3.5 hour consultation.

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