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Five Ways To Create A Healthy, Happy Home (and Life)

Wellness is a lifestyle that begins at home.   With so many outside stressors these days, your home needs to be a place you love and can relax.


If you are trying to eat healthy (well, most of the time), exercise, it doesn’t make sense to come home to a cluttered, dark, depressing house.


Environmental stress is one of the seven biggest causes of stress, and your surroundings attribute to your health just as much as what you eat, how much you exercise, etc…



Here are five ways to create a healthy, happy home and  life:


1. Clean Out. 

Say NO to pieces in your home you do not love nor use.


I talk about this one a lot because I see it way too often.  Homes filled to the brim with stuff.   Stuff clients don’t necessary like, but they feel guilty getting rid of it.


Let go of the guilt and take action.   If you don’t love something, aren’t using, it,  then bid it goodbye.  Dispose of it or give it away to someone who can-and will-enjoy it.


If you have two, or three, or more of one particular item, give the extras away.



2. Assign A Place For Everything.     

Even if things don’t stay where they belong (like my house right now), every single item in your house should have a designated spot.


Store alike items together, and things least used go in higher and harder to reach storage.   If you are not good at this sort of thing, hire a professional organizer or ask a good friend to help you.



3.  Assign a purpose for every room in your house.

Wonder how this will simplify your life?  It helps keep a room from becoming a “catch-all”.


By utilizing every square inch of your room, it makes your home work for you, which in turn simplifies your home and your life.



Here’s a good example:


The room below was the largest room in a client’s home, was a “catch-all’ for them, but the only purpose for the room was to walk from the foyer to the rest of the house.





After discussing with our client what needs were missing from their current home, we decided to add two chaise loungers for the kids to read, listen to music, etc….  We added more casual, comfortable pieces, too.


We kept it formal enough to function as a living room, but see how much more inviting it is once we finished our magic?



AFTER- Dana Wolter Interiors


Dana Wolter Interiors



Dana Wolter Interiors



GYC_BMetro_Dec080 copy
Dana Wolter Interiors



4. Create A Balance In Your Home.


What type of space energizes you?   If it is a room with more of a calm, relaxed feel, make sure you have several of these type of spaces throughout your home.   If it is a space with a vibrant edge, that is fine too.  Regardless of the type of room that energizes you, all rooms should have some sort of comfy seating that draws you in to relax.



5.  Hire a designer to make your home a place you LOVE.

Why wait to turn your home into a place you love?  Life is too short to waste time living in haphazard spaces or spaces that make you cringe.


You should look forward to spending time in your home.   There are designers for all budgets and all price points, so find one you are comfortable with that suits your needs and your budget.


While the bulk of our firm’s work is full service interior design, we do offer two different packages for the person who wants our guidance and style but wants to implement a plan as their budget and timeframe allow.


We offer a one time 3.5 hour consult with me where we can discuss all of your design dilemmas, and we also offer a design online service for any type of room.


You can read about the 3.5 hour consult here  and the design online service we offer here.


As always, email us at for more information and inquire how we can help you fill your needs.



Hope you find this post on creating a healthy, happy home and life helpful.   Here’s to simplifying and creating a happy home, one step at a time.





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