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Fly Away, My Little Bird: Ten Things To Remember As You Leave For College







A letter to my little girl who leaves in a few weeks to begin her college journey.


It’s hard to believe we are packing you up to begin a new chapter of your life.  It seems like yesterday you were the toothless little girl-with glasses-swinging a softball bat.





Or a few years later, the little girl playing Ramona Quimby in a community theatre production.




And here you are… A humble, kind, beautiful young lady who graduated with a GPA few will ever see, a resume full of activities, and a very bright future.






I know you are excited, and I know you are a little apprehensive.  After all, what you have known, including your friend group, is all about to change. These are normal feelings, but you are ready.


And while it’s time for this new chapter in your life, always remember a few things.


1.  Trust your gut  Yes, you have a good head on your shoulders, so use it.  If you have a funny feeling about a person or a situation, listen to your instincts.

2.  Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone.   Try something new. Be courageous.  Seize an opportunity.

3.  Be the first to speak to others   Ask people about themselves, and listen to what they have to say.

4.  Work hard, pray, and trust.    Ask for guidance and for doors to close. Yes, doors to close. For when they do, it makes it easier to walk through the right ones.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others.   God has given you many gifts and talents, so don’t get caught up worrying about what others are doing.

6.  Stay close to your family and your friends.    Those relationships are dear and a gift, so treasure them.

7. Make new friends.   Get to know others at your new school for who they are, rather than for their social status or friend group.  These tend to be the stronger type of relationships that last.

8. Stay safe at all times.   Don’t put yourself in a bad situation, and if you find yourself in one, get out of it as quickly as you can.

9. Just because the majority believes it, doesn’t mean it is the truth.   Fall back on what you know in your heart to be truly right and wrong.

10. Remember how loved you are, and FLY HIGH     When life gets hard,  stay strong.   And remember we are always here to catch you.


I love you,




Readers, Thank you for letting me lay my heart out on this page.  While this is a design blog, I have tried to make it a reflection of my thoughts and feelings.  And, as you see, I am feeling my firstborn leaving the nest.-