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Project Expansion (In A Couple Of Ways)

Several months ago, I was approached to help with a renovation/addition to a home in Mountain Brook that sits on a beautiful, serene piece of property.  The homeowners loved the layout and piece of property, but wanted to update and add a master suite to the home.


After a couple of meetings with the homeowners, I was sensing an urgency to start on the project, but I didn’t think much of it because who isnt ready to begin a renovation when it is inevitable?!


Little did I suspect, the homeowners shared they are expecting a baby.  I was excited ecstatic when I heard this news, as the homeowners are friends of mine and I knew how long and how badly they’ve wanted a child.


But….the story gets even better…….


They announced several weeks later that not only are they pregnant, but their gestational carrier (whom they sought to help them start a family thinking they couldn’t get pregnant) is also expecting. These miracle babies are due seven weeks apart, and if the story is not “good enough”, they are expecting a boy and a girl.


I love this picture- Sometimes it makes me laugh, while other times it makes me cry.



The homeowners bought this home wanting a project, and little did any of us know they would be gaining so much more.


And as we find out quickly just how durable and functional my elegant interiors are, I am thrilled to be walking alongside this couple as they grow their home and family.  How lucky am I to help them create a house for memories to come.


With Pete Pritchard as the architect, we are adding some amazing details and finishes throughout #ProjectExpansion. Demo started this week, so stay tuned as we will update you on all the excitement and progress.


MB renovation1
Image from Dana Wolter Interiors


I hope this story inspires you as it did me, that all is in God’s timing.    Have a great day-