Living Well

We’re Growing!

DWI had so much going on at the end of the year that I failed to mention some exciting news…   

We are growing!

We have added Abbey Powell Dunn to our team, and what an asset she is to our firm.   Abbey is an interior designer with an extensive background in commercial design, and we are glad to have her working with us.  

We thought it might be fun to ask Abbey a few things so you can know her a little better….



I’m happiest when….I am with my family  

A typical day is….there is no such thing as a “typical” day when working with Dana and that is why I love it! Whether its pulling fabrics, ordering furniture, or staging a clients house for a photo shoot, everyday is a new and a fun adventure!  

You’ll always find this in my purse….EOS lip balm, a tape measure, and gum.

I just read/ watched….Gone Girl…it is a must read!  

My guilty pleasure is…..chocolate, of course!  

I’m inspired by… mother…she is the strongest woman I know.  

If I could live anywhere, it’d be…..I’m honestly so happy in Birmingham! I love this city!  

Quick design tips….when designing a particular space I often like to start by finding one great statement piece, such as a piece of art or a beautiful fabric and work around it.


See why we love her?!!


Have a great week, everyone!



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