Living Well

Enjoying A Formal Room In Your Home

Hi Everyone,
I thought it might be nice over the next several weeks to show a few pictures of my work from the past. Here is one taken of my own home a few years ago. I love that while my living room
is the most formal room in my home, it is still used on a regular basis by my family.


What you can’t see from the picture is a niche to the left of the chairs. Believe it or not, this is actually my girls’ favorite spot to read and watch a show on the computer. From the number of food wrappers I find tucked away where they aren’t suppose to be eating, they enjoy the space A LOT.


The picture above is not the best as it was taken with my phone by me, but it helps give you a visual. So yes, you can have a formal living space your family can enjoy on a regular basis.

Have a good one!


Photo Credits: (1) Southern Living At Home (2) My Phone