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The Colors of Summer with Megan LaRussa

With hot summer days in full throttle, I thought it might be nice to venture from home decor and look towards stylish ways to look great AND stay cool this season.    I have invited style coach Megan LaRussa of the blog to give us a few tips on what is chic this time of year.   Hope you enjoy this post as much as I did, as I am loving a little pastel thrown into a neutral palette.  Have a great day and let me know what you think-


As a Style Coach, I often hear the age-old belief that every woman must stick to one
color palette based on a season and never venture outside of that ‘color box’. I’m
here to debunk that theory and show you a wide array of hues that are not only on
trend for this season, but will also look good on YOU.

There are 3 main color palettes that are très chic this summer. The first one is

Designers are having fun with colors reminiscent of both icy sorbet and powdery
chalk. Think mint green, peachy coral, sun-kissed yellow, and pale blue. And
despite your ‘coloring’, these colors can be worn by anyone! Simply wear them with
neutral pieces, or allow this color to be an accent piece through a necklace, shoes or

STATEMENT-MAKING BRIGHTS are for the bold trendsetters out there! Designers
and stylists are showing these colors worn together in a color block manner to give
new life to these familiar colors. Try mixing cobalt blue with neon yellow, or maybe
tangerine and magenta! If this appears too much for your taste, opt for a neon green
skinny belt with your neutral ensemble, or a bright tangerine lipstick.

DUSTY HUES are for the classic loving prepsters out there. Washed Nantucket red,
muted mustard and faded forest green are the colors to look for ladies. And for
those that live and breath by the ‘Preppy Handbook’, try playing with these colors
by sporting a Nantucket red blazer + muted mustard blouse + navy pencil skirt for
an updated yet classic professional look.

So take a leap of faith, and have fun with an array of colors this summer!

Yours in Style,


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