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Here Comes The Sun

Want to see something beautiful and learn a little trivia?  Look at this gorgeous sunburst mirror.  Talk about incredible!

from 1950s France & 49" in diameter

It’s message is boldness, glamour, and strength, and it would make an impact in any room!

Dinah Toro, owner of Charlotte Woodson Antiques where I discovered it, has an in-depth knowledge of sunburst mirrors. Dinah said many people believe Louis XIV, aka the Sun King, is responsible for making the sunburst mirror popular, but that is a myth.  Louis’ symbol was a sunburst with the face of Apollo, the Roman god of the sun, in the center — not a mirror.

the Sun God & the symbol of Louis XIV

It wasn’t until the French Revolution mirrors were added to the middle.  The reason for this is so interesting…  During that time, religious articles were being destroyed, so in order to preserve them, people would replace the faces of the Holy family (which were surrounded by rays) with other things – such as mirrors!

example of rays around the holy faces

In the 1920s, the sunburst mirror became popular in France, and they became even more en vogue across the world over in the 1950s.  Sunburst mirrors are still being made today.

modern sunburst from

The most desirable sunburst mirrors, according to Dinah, are made of individual pieces of gilded wood.  Today, these type of mirrors are being made of steel, iron, bamboo, and other materials, although wood is the tradition.

Due to popularity, the new ones vary greatly in size.  Dinah buys the largest ones she can find because of the statement they make!  I’d say so!