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How Layering Takes a Room From Drab to Fab

In my previous blog, “From Blah to Beautiful in a Few Easy Steps,” I mentioned the importance of layering a space and softening the hard surfaces in a home.   The last thing you want is for your home to look like it was bought off of a showroom floor, and layering prevents this by creating a sophisticated, collected look.

Windows are everywhere in our homes, and for good reason — they let in natural light! When windows need to be softened,  curtains are a beautiful and easy fix.

Take a peek at this design from one of my favorites, Susan Ferrier:

brilliant use of fabric (from

She actually uses the curtain as a “wall” and wow!  These panels soften the room’s hard corners while providing depth, dimension, and character.  Notice the layered cowhide on top of the rug as well.

I will always sing the praises of  banquettes and built-ins, as I cannot help it.  I just love them!  The high back on this custom seating I designed for a client’s foyer is an eye catcher and sets the tone for the rest of the home.

come in and stay for a bit!
another client's kitchen. photo courtesy of jean allsopp and puppy courtesy of homeowner.
great balance here! (from pinterest — materialgirlsblog)

Notice how this banquette softens the stairwell and hardwood floor?  They also receive bonus points for their practicality by allowing for more people to sit around a table.

Here’s a nice example of layering with custom seating AND drapes.  Accessorizing with pillows is also a must!

Mixing the old with the new is a great way to create a room that looks like it has evolved over time, even if it was installed in one day.  In this TV segment from Daytime Alabama, I provide ways to mix the two.

Look what the talented Vincente Wolf created in this room.  He pulled up uber-modern chairs to a table made to look old, and it’s amazing!

old and new = divine

To sum up, here is a picture of where old and new, soft and hard, come into interior design harmony bliss:

the home of designer Fiona Weeks