Living Well

Color is the New Craze

Color is hot, hot, hot right now.  I’m mostly a neutral girl, but I’m finding myself integrating more bright color, such as citron, purple, turquoise, and hot pink into many of my interiors.  Color attracts attention fast, so the key is to make sure there is a place for the eye to rest.  I personally like to use light walls, neutral upholstery and pull color in through pillows, artwork, and accessories.  This way it is not too trendy but definitely makes a statement.

Check out this kitchen from the Beneckis out of Atlanta–

I love how color is used an an accent in this kitchen, as it pops against the crisp white.    Not too trendy, just clean and fresh.

Below is an older image from Southern Accents, but it is still one of my favorites to this day.    Absolutely gorgeous!


When trying to decide where to place color in a room, find an inspiration.   Whether it is an accessory, a fabric, or even a paint chip, you need a starting point.

The Trina Turk line for Schumacher is my latest obsession as far as color goes.   The prints and patterns are — in a word — incredible.

Here’s something beautiful in blue.  Talk about fresh!  Looking at this photo makes me breathe deeper, which is always a good thing!

adore the blue and white colorway here


…and check out the purple, pink, and red.  This print is a great catalyst for a girl’s bedroom, as I see it used for pillows and a bedskirt.   It would be fabulous with white or light lavender walls and an upholstered headboard.


A great way to pull in color is through painted furniture.  Check out this piece from Bungalow5:

Just because I am incorporating more color into my interiors does not mean I am leaving neutral behind.   As I mentioned in an interview for Design File, gray is the new black and is THE neutral to use right now.

i love this pattern from schumacher


I have never considered myself a yellow person, but the way gray and citron play off one another has me sold.

See what I mean?



Color can give a room a finishing touch; mixing it with neutrals will keep it modern and fresh.   So go bold and  give your home the surprise it’s been wanting.