Living Well

Sneak peek into a current project we are working on in Birmingham.

This is the home of a young couple with school-age children.   After deciding they needed to rework the interior space to fit the changing needs of their family, this couple recently completed a renovation to their home.   More pictures will follow once the project is complete.

This livingroom was rarely used, yet the children love to lounge around the house and read.
Make Your Living Room Live Up To Its Name

The children in this family love to lounge in the living room to read, yet the furniture in there was not condusive to comfort or function.  With a goal of utilizing every square inch of this house, while maintaining the integrity of the space, we chose to use two chaise lounges in place of a traditional sofa.   By including an ottoman, a chair, and a few antiques in there as well, the result is a warm, inviting space that flows beautifully with the rest of the house.

Kitchen Banquette
Is Your Kitchen Warm And Inviting?

We are a big believer that in order for a room to work, you have to balance the hard and soft surfaces found in the space.   In order to add dimension and soften this family’s kitchen, we customized a banquette and table for the eat-in nook.   Once we add a few chairs, a few flowers, and a sheer window treatment that allows the light in, this kitchen will be complete.   Beautiful!