Dana entered our recently renovated, chaotic, choppy home and listened to our family’s needs, vision, and lifestyle.

Unfortunately I had recently bought some furniture which did not necessarily match what I ultimately envisioned, but she was able to transform even expensive mistakes into a balanced, livable, inviting family space. While at first I had misgivings that following all of her recommendations could be costly, I quickly realized that Dana was spot-on and much less expensive than fixing more mistakes made by me with a loose credit card.

A room at a time, our house transformed into the home our family had dreamt of before.  Dana arranged the furniture so that comfort and community were optimized, cozy individual areas of respite created, and where teens wanted to congregate.  Our entire family could be present with sufficient space to enjoy time together working, playing, reading, sharing meals. The fabrics and rugs allow us to be ourselves ….. bring on Alabama red clay, Buster, and red Gatorade!

Even more importantly, the master suite created by Dana has allowed a sanctuary for John and me.  I feel like I am in a five star hotel in the middle of the Wasatch Mountains, as the lush surroundings mute any noise (chickens squawking, dogs barking, kids frolicking), while soothing the busy mind after fun, chaotic days of raising a busy family.   The fabrics chosen visually soothe the harried mind while absorbing any sound from outside.

“referrals are the biggest form of flattery, and we have been running on referrals since our very first project.”
dana wolter, birmingham, al