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With the holiday season coming to an end, now is the time to take charge and simplify our homes and lives.   I have five tips that are easy to implement to do so, and I promise you will notice a BIG difference if you follow them.



Here goes….



1. Clean Out. 

Say NO to pieces in your home you do not love nor use.


I talk about this one a lot because I see it way too often.  Homes filled to the brim with stuff.   Stuff clients don’t necessary like, but they feel guilty getting rid of it.


Let go of the guilt and take action.   If you don’t love something, aren’t using, it,  then bid it goodbye.  Dispose of it or give it away to someone who can-and will-use it.


If you have two, or three, or more of one particular item, give the extras away.



2. Assign A Place For Everything.     

Even if things don’t stay where they belong (like my house right now), every single item in your house should have a designated spot.


Store alike items together, and things least used go in higher and harder to reach storage.   If you are not good at this sort of thing, hire a professional organizer or ask a good friend to help you.



3.  Assign a purpose for every room in your house.

Wonder how this will simplify your life?  It helps keep a room from becoming a “catch-all”.


By utilizing every square inch of your room, it makes your home work for you, which in turn simplifies your home and your life.



Here’s a good example:


The room below was the largest room in a client’s home, was a “catch-all’ for them, but the only purpose for the room was to walk from the foyer to the rest of the house.





After discussing with our client what needs were missing from their current home, we decided to add two chaise loungers for the kids to read, listen to music, etc….  We added more casual, comfortable pieces, too.


We kept it formal enough to function as a living room, but see how much more inviting it is once we finished our magic?




AFTER- Dana Wolter Interiors



Dana Wolter Interiors




Dana Wolter Interiors



GYC_BMetro_Dec080 copy

Dana Wolter Interiors



4.   Turn Off All Electronics.

This is something I am working on in my own home, as we are more plugged in than we need to be.


Let’s try for a few hours, or better yet, one full evening, to unplug from the television, email, and especially our phones.    After all, it will all be there tomorrow, won’t it?!



5.  Hire a designer to make your home a place you LOVE.

Why wait to turn your home into a place you love?  Life is too short to waste time living in haphazard spaces or spaces that make you cringe.


You should look forward to spending time in your home.   There are designers for all budgets and all price points, so find one you are comfortable with that suits your needs and your budget.


While the bulk of our firm’s work is full service interior design, we do offer two different packages for the person who wants our guidance and style but wants to implement a plan on their own timeframe.


We offer a one time 3.5 hour consult with me where we can discuss all of your design dilemmas, and we also offer a design online service for any type of room.


You can read about the 3.5 hour consult here  and the design online service we offer here.


As always, email us at for more information and inquire how we can help you fill your needs.



Hope you find this post helpful.   Here’s to simplifying your home, one step at a time.





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If you are needing to pick up a few last minute Christmas gifts, we found some really good selections for you that are on sale.  Yes, on sale!


You can probably tell from my previous shopping posts that I like basic, versatile pieces with edge, and I think we selected some great choices for the teenager/woman of any age in your life.   The price points range from $32 to $995 so there is truly something on this list for everyone.  Here you go:






Image by Dana Wolter Interiors




1. Burberry – ‘Collette’ Merino Wool Cape  Was $1,095.00, Now $995.00     This casual, sophisticated, 100% Merino Wool staple is chic and versatile.   I love that it can be thrown on with dark jeans, riding pants, or even a form-fitting dress.   It is an investment piece to keep and something to be enjoyed for years to come.   Buy here.



2. Kate Spade ‘Cedar Street – Slim Bee’ Wristlet – Was $68, Now $45.56.  The Kate Spade metallic wristlet is a great accessory for around town when you need something smaller than your handbag.   Its metallic color is on trend and neutral enough to wear with many different outfits. Buy here.



3. YSL ‘Rouge Pur Couture’ Glossy Stain  Was $36.00, Now $32.00  This lipgloss comes in twenty-nine different colors, so there is a color for everyone. It gives you a gloss, stain, and lipstick all in one. Voted Best of Beauty Award for Best Lip Stain by Allure Magazine.    Buy here.



4. Vince Camuto Cutout Cuff – Was $48, Now $36.  How cute is this gold cuff?!  I can see someone my age or my daughters’ enjoying this edgy, layering piece.   Buy here. 



5. Vince ‘Directional Rib Knit Wool & Cashmere Sweater’ Was $365, Now $218.98   Vince is one of my favorite brands because they design basic pieces with great lines, and the quality is always there in their clothes.  I have several of their shirts/sweaters and they look as good as they did when I bought them several years back.   This cozy, soft sweater spun of cashmere and wool shown can be dressed up or down, and is a classic piece for any wardrobe. Buy here.



6. Kendra Scott ‘Ellie’ Oval Stone Stud Earrings – Was $65.00, Now $33.49. These stud earrings come in six different colors and are sure to add some sparkle to any holiday outfit.  At almost half off, they are a deal!  Buy here.



7. Dolce Vita ‘Gwynn’ Wedge Bootie – Was $109.95, Now $79.90.  Note: If you are buying for a teenage or college girl, this is a good gift (or at least my college girl commented she liked them when I was writing this post).   These bootie wedges come in taupe or slate suede, making their neutral colors perfect for any outfit.    Buy here. 



8. Viktor&Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ Eau De Parfum Spray  – Was $50 – $215,  Now $50 – $193.50  I am not a perfume person, but if you are, this is a good one.  It was rated ‘Best of Beauty’ in Allure Magazine 2015 and has done quite well.  One of the girls who works for me LOVES it and she says she receives a lot of compliments on the fragrance.    Buy here.


Hope you find these Christmas gift ideas helpful for buying for yourself or for someone else, and the fact they are on sale is a bonus!   Let me know what you end up ordering.




Happy shopping-





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Christmas Ideas For Teenage/College Boys

I have had several people ask me this week to come up with a Christmas gift guide for teenage/college-aged boys.


I don’t claim to know a lot about boys this age as I have all girls, but I am not afraid to ask people who do.   Several boy moms (you know who you are- thank you!) delivered, and I think they gave me some great suggestions.  Their suggestions are not only great looking, but they are great quality and are durable.  Items that will last, season after season…..


The price points range from $38.95- $399.  Here goes:




Image by Dana Wolter Interiors



1. Yeti ‘Hopper’ Cooler – This Yeti soft cooler is leakproof, lightweight and holds a ton (20 quarts).  According to my boy-mom experts, this is a super popular gift for boys. And for all men in your life.  It has a strap and handles for easy transport, and the Yeti brand is known for its quality.   Buy it for $299 here.


2. Bose ‘SoundLink’ Bluetooth Mobile Speaker –  This Bose mobile speaker is a gift that is perfect for anyone (male or female) who loves music on the go.  It has a 30 foot range, a battery that lasts for 14 hours,  and is lightweight to carry.   Buy it for $269  here.



3. Vineyard Vines ‘Whale Club’ Leather and Canvas Belt  – This brass buckle, small whale print belt comes in three different colors.  Classic look for when a boy needs to clean up.  Buy it for $49.50 here.



4. Patagonia ‘Synchilla Snap T’ Fleece Pullover -Who doesn’t love a great Patagonia fleece pullover?  We do!  My daughter has been known to “borrow” my husband’s a time or two, leaving him without one to throw on.   They also wear well and last forever.  It comes in five colors, with the navy being my favorite.  Buy it for $99 here.



5. Sorel Men’s Cheyanne Lace Boots – Sorels are a big hit this Christmas as I know from experience the women’s versions have been hard for stores to keep in stock.    They are made of waterproof leather, they are comfortable, AND they have a great, casual look.  Buy them for $103-$135  here.



6. Barbour ‘Ashby’ Jacket – Isn’t this casual jacket handsome? I love that it can we worn all year round as it’s weatherproof, waxed, and durable, too.   Buy it for $399 here.



7. Filson Medium Duffel Bag  This duffle may be my favorite thing on the list. It has leather handles, it’s made out of industrial weight cotton twill fabric, and you can buy other pieces each year to match it.   I was told by one guy that he has had his since he was 16, and he is now in his 20s.   Buy it for $345  here.



8. Yeti Colster  This Yeti stocking stuffer is perfect for taking a can or bottled drink on the go.  It’s stainless steel, sweat proof, and extremely popular with the college-aged boys (or so I am told).    Buy it for $38.95  here.




Hope these ideas for Christmas help you with the teenage/college boy in your life.   I think my friends with boys did a great job of coming up with some pretty good gifts this year.  Think durability and quality!   Let me know what you end up selecting-



I had such a good response from my gift idea post for the teenage /college girl that I thought I would put together a  Christmas list of things someone my own age (give or take a few years) would enjoy.


Most of my female friends are the ones doing the shopping for their family, but what’s wrong with purchasing a treat for yourself or giving an idea or two to someone who needs to buy a gift for you?


While some are necessities (like the Clarisonic) and others are big splurges,  I varied the price points from $19.95 to $1,595 so there is truly something for everyone.


And yes, I LOVE all of them, so if you are looking for a present for someone like me, take note and make your shopping easy……





Image by Dana Wolter Interiors



1. Burberry Brit Sheer Mega Check Scarf- This Burberry scarf is a classic accessory that never goes out of style.  I love the sheer version that contains a touch of silk because it’s lightweight, making it a little more versatile to wear throughout the year.   You can buy it here for $395.00



2. Jo Malone ‘English Pear and Freesia’ Body and Hand Lotion– This hand lotion at $55 smells great, is hydrating, and is a luxury gift for ANY age. Buy here.



3. Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boot – This is THE boot of the season and I would Love a pair.  I can see wearing it with skinny jeans (look how good they look with the Burberry scarf, too), riding pants, or even a short, fitted dress or skirt.  Not only are they versatile,  chic, and sophisticated, they are supposedly very comfortable, making them a shoe you would LIVE in.  Buy it for $798 here.



4. Clarisonic -‘Mia 2 – This sonic skin cleansing system at $149.99 is something I already have and is one of my favorite things I own.  I began using it a few years back, and I can tell a big difference in how it cleans my skin.  Sure, I don’t look like I am 25, but that isn’t my goal.  It leaves an after glow and helps with cell turnover. Buy here.



5. Ugg Australia – ‘Mini Bailey Button’ Boot – As I mentioned in my last post, my Uggs are my favorite.  Yes, they are not necessarily the prettiest, but sometimes comfort wins.  I wear them to workout (yes, I do receive some strange stares), but for this girl who HATES being cold, they offer warmth, too.  Treat yourself and order a pair now for $129.89 Buy here.



6. Olivia Von Halle – Print Silk Pajamas – After a long day, who wouldn’t want to wear 100% silk pajamas?!   At a price point of  $455.00, they are certainly an item for someone who needs some pampering.  Buy here.



7. Barefoot Dreams ‘Cozy Chic Throw‘ This machine washable throw at $132 is the perfect curl-up blanket.   Grab a good book or magazine, a cup of tea, and  this super-soft blanket for a small piece of heaven.  Buy here.



8. Aromatherapy Essential Oils- There’s a lot of talk on how essential oils are good for so many reasons, and I have jumped on the bandwagon.   Peppermint and lavender are two of my favorite, as I add them to my bath, the bottom of my feet, etc.   Try a set for $19.95  here. 



9. Burberry ‘Medium Banner’ House Check Leather Tote- Everyone needs a really good handbag, and this one is PERFECT.   It can be dressed up or down.  It is classic enough to last season after season, all while having the quality and chicness of the Burberry brand.   $1595.00 Buy here.



Hope these holiday ideas help you with buying for the woman- or for yourself-  in your life.    Let me know what you end up ordering-




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Friends ask me all the time for Christmas ideas for my teenage/college girls.  It’s hard- they are picky, all three have great fashion taste, and to be honest, the things they like are at a different price point from the toys they loved when they were little.


With their gifts costing more -meaning less is under the tree- I have tried to find things I know they and other girls 15 and up can use and enjoy.    Tyler, my 24-year-old design assistant, helped me curate this list, so even though I am old middle aged and think I know, she has confirmed  I am on target.   The price points vary from $15 to $475 so there is truly something for everyone.





Image by Dana Wolter Interiors


1. S’well Water Bottle– The S’well water bottle is a perfect gift for someone who likes to stay hydrated but may drink out of a few too many plastic bottles (like me).  It’s sleek, light weight, environmentally friendly, and you don’t have to worry about toxins from plastic.  It keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.  For $35.00 and its chic look, it is a perfect gift for just about any age. Buy here.



2. Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace– I love the “Elisa” necklace from Kendra Scott because it’s versatile and makes a great layering piece.   For $50 – $65 and the option of selecting the color of your stone, this piece is sure to be enjoyed at any age.  Buy here.



3.   Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette– At any age, who doesn’t love a new makeup palette to freshen up your look?  The new Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette’s taupe-hues neutrals is great with any skin tone, and I might need to order one for myself.  The cost is $54.00 and you can purchase it here.



4.  Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Mini Bucket Bag- The Tory Burch Pebbled Mini Bucket Bag is described as “understated chic”, and I could not agree more.  Its hip but polished look at $475 is versatile enough to go with many different outfits and looks. Buy here.



5.  The Nila Anthony Faux Fur PomPom Clip Keychain– The Nila Anthony Faux Fur PomPom Clip Keychain is very IN right now, and with a price point of $15, how can you go wrong with this gift?  Buy here.



6.   Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses– The Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses at $325 are for the girl who knows and can appreciate a good pair of designer sunglasses.  They are chic, versatile, and classic enough to wear for quite some time.   I have a feeling we are going to be seeing more cat eye glasses in the future as they are becoming a hot look.   Buy here.



7.  Ugg Boots– Who doesn’t love a good pair of Uggs?!  I love to wear mine around the house and at the gym as they are like having a blanket wrapped around my  feet.  If the girl in your life doesn’t have a pair, for $179.95, she is missing out.   Buy here.



8.  The Tory Burch Double Wrap Leather Wrap Bracelet- The Tory Burch Double Wrap Leather Wrap bracelet at $95 is a great layering piece for any age.   You have the Tory Burch quality and the gold studs are perfect with the neutral leather.   Buy here.



Hope this list helps you when shopping for the teenage or college girl in your life.  Time is running out so hurry and let me know what you end up selecting.   Happy shopping!



Are you stuck, knowing your home could look and feel so much better, but you aren’t sure what to do?


Or you can’t seem to find the motivation to pull your home together?



Dana Wolter Interiors

Dana Wolter Interiors




Life is busy, and hectic, and stressful.  I get it as I sometimes feel the same way, too.    But I am constantly reminded how a well-functioning home that allows you to breathe deeply and de stress can truly change your life.  And your family’s.


I see it happen all the time, and it is one of the most rewarding aspects about what I do.  A well-designed, high functioning home can change how you live and enjoy life.


If you are ready for a change for you and your family, now is the time.  Let us help in a way that best fits your needs.



Dana Wolter Interiors

Who would know this family room is filled with durable fabrics for family and pets?                                                  Dana Wolter Interiors




Here are a few services we offer:


The majority of our projects are full room or turnkey projects, where we devise a detailed plan according to your budget and implement it for you.

I recently finished this type of project for a client.   A friend asked if she was stressed with the house and she said no because I was handling everything for her.  This is what I am paid and love to do- take the stress off of you.



We specialize in new construction, beginning with the schematics (sometimes I am hired before an architect has put pen to paper) to hanging the last picture on the wall.  We work closely with the builder and architect to make sure every detail is thought through from the beginning to the very end.



We also offer other services for clients who need direction and help making decisions for their home, but they like to do the legwork themselves.   Our one-time consult service, which I have previously mentioned before, and it is the perfect way to devise a plan tailored specifically for your home.

It has gone over really well, and the clients who have invested in this 3.5 hour meeting with me have been surprised over the amount of detail and information that comes with it.  Matter of fact, I have even gone on the road -and in the air-  to offer this service.




The last service we offer is Design Online.   You fill out a questionnaire and send measurements of your space with “before”  photos taken from each angle.   We come up with a detailed plan for the particular room- from furniture layout to furniture selections to paint to fabrics to accessories-  all within the budget you give and without us ever stepping into your home.   You can order one or ten rooms at a time from us.




If you think we can help make your home the place you dream, why are you waiting?  Email us at  Let’s talk now so we can have a plan of action in place for you by the new year.


Here’s to making your house a home, one detail at a time-




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We’ve made lots of progress with #ProjectExpansion, and in more ways than one.

The babies are here, and they are gorgeous.  And perfect.  And big!



As you recall, I have been busy working on a home renovation/addition here in Mountain Brook, Al, for a couple that recently gave birth to two babies within five weeks of one another.

Yes, this is possible, and if you aren’t familiar with their story, it is a good one.  If you are needing to smile, be sure to read the entire story here.



We began working on this project in June.   The house was gutted and a master suite, laundry room, and screened-in porch have been added onto it.  Pete Pritchard was the architect and we worked closely deciding the layout, details and finishes throughout the home.







I was grateful for the trust this couple put in me, as they took some risks that were hard to visualize AND added to the budget.   These additions paid off, with an incredible end result.



They are moving this week, so our office has been busy ordering bathroom mirrors, marking cabinet hardware, checking on furniture shipments, etc….It has been a lot of fun working on this project, and I kind of feel like I am birthing a baby as well.

So much of myself goes into my projects, and I can’t wait to see this family of four begin to make memories in their new home.


Here is a glimpse of some of the cabinetry and hardware.







Cabinets are gorgeous and what a difference true custom cabinets make in a home.  No filler pieces- they are truly made to fit the space like a glove.  I love it!

Here is a sneak peek of how my cabinet guy took my vision for a few areas and turned them into reality:



Kitchen Before:

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before




Kitchen After:

After- Dana Wolter Interiors

After- Dana Wolter Interiors




Family Room Before:





Family Room After:


FR Built-in. Still needing glass doors installed

FR Built-in. Still needing glass doors installed on the sides   Dana Wolter Interiors




Stay tuned as I share more of the “after” pictures over the next few weeks.   As always, if you are planning on building a new home -or doing a major renovation to your current one- email us at  We would love to discuss helping you turn your dream home into a reality.


Have a great day, everyone-



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Thanksgiving is in a week and we’re showing in this video here a few, easy ways to creatively fold the holiday napkin for your table.  This segment is one I taped a few years back for  NBC-13 with Wendy Garner and David Lamb.   David and I had a lot of fun perfecting the art, and I promise, if we can do it, so can you.






Little tricks – from hand-written place cards and unique napkin folds – can help make for memorable meals during the holidays.





This is my Thanksgiving table from last year. Notice how the folded napkin is a small detail that makes a beautiful statement. Image from Dana Wolter Interiors.


Let me know what you think and how your are going to decorate your table for the holidays.

Ready or not….. Tis the season,



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Pets are part of the family, and they need to be taken in consideration when designing your home.   Yes, you can have a gorgeous, jaw dropping home the entire family can actually live in, including them.


It’s easy to create a pretty room, but I am a big believer a stunning space can- and should- be equally functional and durable for man and his best friend.


It is all in the selection of finishes and fabrics.  Finishes, such as natural stone, that only becomes prettier with a little wear and tear, and fabrics that are made to be tested with everyday life.


Let us show you a few interiors we have created that work for you and your canine.



This pup knows a comfy spot. Dana Wolter Interiors




While others want to see what’s going on.




This dog looks just as comfortable as these boys-

This dog looks just as comfortable as these boys-



BMetro_Nov12_Home_39 watermarked

And well, what can I say?  Some easily claim a favorite spot for their very own. Isn’t he the sweetest?







Where is your pet’s favorite spot to perch, or is he even allowed on the furniture?   Obviously, I am okay with it because after all, they are part of the family, and a home should be enjoyed by all.



Hope everyone is having a great day-





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In several client appointments lately, I have been asked about what to do when their home is filled with silver finishes, but they are wanting to incorporate the gorgeous brass patina that is so popular right now.


My answer is easy and simple….   Mix the two!


I love a space with mixed metals as it instantly makes the room look like it has evolved over time, rather than everything so matchy matchy like it was bought on the same day in the same showroom.


I am not only talking about a finish here and a different finish there, as I have been doing this all along.  I am talking about a bold metal finish that grounds the room, with perhaps another type of finish thrown in.





Elle Decor






Polished nickel, brass and antique bronze finished mixed together- Elle Decor











Below is a picture of a home we worked on several months back.  As you can see below, there are brass finishes throughout……..


Client's foyer- Dana Wolter Interiors

Client’s foyer- Dana Wolter Interiors






Leading into the kitchen- Dana Wolter Interiors




But notice how we mixed the two by adding in polish nickel fixtures in the kitchen:



Dana Wolter Interiors






Dana Wolter Interiors









If you like this look of mixing metals and want to see more images, check out my Pinterest account, DWolterinterior.   I am also adding info on these other social media sites as well, so be sure to follow along!



Facebook- Dana Wolter Interiors

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Take care and have a great day,




Also, if you are needing a design plan for your home that you can implement on your timeframe and budget, check out our new service here. Lots of information in a detailed plan!