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Easy Ways To Fold Napkins For The Holiday Table

Posted on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 at 3:30 am

Thanksgiving is in a week and we’re showing in this video here a few, easy ways to creatively fold the holiday napkin for your table.  This segment is one I taped a few years back for  NBC-13 with Wendy Garner and David Lamb.   David and I had a lot of fun perfecting the art, and I promise, if we can do it, so can you.






Little tricks – from hand-written place cards and unique napkin folds – can help make for memorable meals during the holidays.





This is my Thanksgiving table from last year. Notice how the folded napkin is a small detail that makes a beautiful statement. Image from Dana Wolter Interiors.


Let me know what you think and how your are going to decorate your table for the holidays.

Ready or not….. Tis the season,



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Creating A Family-Friendly Interior For You (And Your Pets)

Posted on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 at 3:30 am

Pets are part of the family, and they need to be taken in consideration when designing your home.   Yes, you can have a gorgeous, jaw dropping home the entire family can actually live in, including them.


It’s easy to create a pretty room, but I am a big believer a stunning space can- and should- be equally functional and durable for man and his best friend.


It is all in the selection of finishes and fabrics.  Finishes, such as natural stone, that only becomes prettier with a little wear and tear, and fabrics that are made to be tested with everyday life.


Let us show you a few interiors we have created that work for you and your canine.



This pup knows a comfy spot. Dana Wolter Interiors




While others want to see what’s going on.




This dog looks just as comfortable as these boys-

This dog looks just as comfortable as these boys-



BMetro_Nov12_Home_39 watermarked

And well, what can I say?  Some easily claim a favorite spot for their very own. Isn’t he the sweetest?







Where is your pet’s favorite spot to perch, or is he even allowed on the furniture?   Obviously, I am okay with it because after all, they are part of the family, and a home should be enjoyed by all.



Hope everyone is having a great day-





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Brass Is Back, So Mix Your Metals

Posted on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 at 3:30 am

In several client appointments lately, I have been asked about what to do when their home is filled with silver finishes, but they are wanting to incorporate the gorgeous brass patina that is so popular right now.


My answer is easy and simple….   Mix the two!


I love a space with mixed metals as it instantly makes the room look like it has evolved over time, rather than everything so matchy matchy like it was bought on the same day in the same showroom.


I am not only talking about a finish here and a different finish there, as I have been doing this all along.  I am talking about a bold metal finish that grounds the room, with perhaps another type of finish thrown in.





Elle Decor






Polished nickel, brass and antique bronze finished mixed together- Elle Decor











Below is a picture of a home we worked on several months back.  As you can see below, there are brass finishes throughout……..


Client's foyer- Dana Wolter Interiors

Client’s foyer- Dana Wolter Interiors






Leading into the kitchen- Dana Wolter Interiors




But notice how we mixed the two by adding in polish nickel fixtures in the kitchen:



Dana Wolter Interiors






Dana Wolter Interiors









If you like this look of mixing metals and want to see more images, check out my Pinterest account, DWolterinterior.   I am also adding info on these other social media sites as well, so be sure to follow along!



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Take care and have a great day,




Also, if you are needing a design plan for your home that you can implement on your timeframe and budget, check out our new service here. Lots of information in a detailed plan!


#BootcampTransformation: Ways To Make Your House A Home- Part Two

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2015 at 3:30 am

I kicked off  #BootcampTransformation last week with ways to make your house the home you wish, and today I want to pick up where we left off.   If you are just now reading, you can catch up here.


Now that you have chosen a room to tackle, you came up with five words to describe how you want this room to feel, and you’ve cleaned out everything you do not want to keep, it time to move on to the harder steps.   This is where it sometimes becomes too much for someone to do on their own.   Try these steps first, knowing you can always turn it over to a professional if needed.



Assess the room’s features

Decide what needs to be accentuated and what needs to be hidden.

For instance, if I have a client with a not so pretty stained, wood fireplace surround that cannot be changed- and it’s a feature that doesn’t need to stand out- I would have it painted the wall color to make it disappear.



Based upon how the room needs to work for you, layout a general floor plan.

Begin by measuring out the room, wall by wall, allowing for casing, doors, openings, etc…   Assess the location of the doors, how the room needs to work, and decide where you may be able to add some sort of seating.

While some rooms may only have room for a chair (foyer), others may be large enough for a couple of seating areas.  Add in where a seating area makes most sense and keep a 34″-36″ walkway throughout.   Include in this plan any pieces that need to be placed in here or need to be reworked (such as a console that needs to be painted, etc….).



Choose your color palette

Do you want your home to be a retreat from the crazy world we live in…


so serene from Mary McDonald




…or do you want it to reflect your bold personality?


show the world your personality! by Jan Showers




Whichever you decide, make sure each room flows from one to the next.  A retreat space will have more muted colors and softer furnishings, while one that is more bold may have pops of color.

Figure out what you need when you are at home.  Perhaps you need quiet time, but your home feels loud and busy.  Perhaps you need a little more energy in your life, but all your furnishings are heavy and dark-colored.  All of these things make a difference!



lighten up and keep it simple… by Thomas Filicia





Add personal items that you LOVE  and want to see each day.    I have a plaster hand my youngest made several years ago that sits on top of some coffee table books on an ottoman.    It doesn’t have to be a fine piece if it speaks to you.

If you have lots of little things, group them together to make them more cohesive.   This post here from a few weeks ago gives some good tips on placing these finishing touches.



Your home can make you feel inspired and at peace, or it could possibly be draining you.  Stop waiting and start today by applying the above tips and let’s see if you can make a change for the better.

I bet you will  be amazed at how cleaning out and determining how a room needs to work for you can make all the difference in your home.   As always, feel free to call or email us if you would like for us to turn your house into a home you love.


Here’s to a more peaceful home for all,



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#BootcampHomeTransformation: How To Make A House Your Home

Posted on Monday, October 26th, 2015 at 3:30 am

Lately, it seems as if I am being reminded that every day is truly a gift.

While I have one friend celebrating a new life (her new baby is beautiful-and big!!),  a sweet teenage boy in our community has osteosarcoma and is fighting for his.

Life is about enjoying the present with family and friends, and your surroundings play a huge part in it.   Your house is where you LIVE– it’s where you create memories, nurse people back to health, celebrate milestones, and even mourn disappointments behind closed doors.

I am not saying you have to go out and spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to create memories.  What I am suggesting is if your home doesn’t make you happy or if you don’t find it a restful retreat, why you waiting to do something about it?


link text 2


I love my job because I  see over and over again what a changed environment can do for a family.  I have seen how making sure every square inch of a home is functional and cohesive can improve the quality of life for a family.  Yes, better for all of you.

Your house does not have to be perfect because we aren’t.   Let it have its little quirks- keep it real.



I want this post to be an action post to turning your home into a space you love.  Let’s call it #BootcampHomeTransformation.

It won’t be easy, but I promise if you will follow the steps, you will see some change for the better.   Follow along this week and next and let me know how it is going for you.


So…. Let’s get started.


Step One: Decide on your room and come up with five words to describe it for when you are done.

Pull out a piece of paper and write down the room you want to begin.  Choose one room and one room only to focus in on today.    I want this to be doable, so if you are overwhelmed right now with your home, select a small space such as a foyer versus a large living space.

Come up with five words you want to use to describe this room and write them down.


Step Two:  Assess the function of each room.  It does not matter whether you have a 1,500 or a 15,000 sq ft home, every room should have a purpose.  The goal is to utilize every square inch in your home, and love it!

Write down the function of this room.  For instance, it may be as simple as a place to greet my guests, a place to read, a room to lay my keys, a place to put my shoes on before heading out the door, etc….   Is that extra bedroom a study, a guest bedroom, or a workout room?  Or is it just pretending to be all of those things when it’s really just storage?  Give the room an identity so you can organize and decorate accordingly.


I want you to wait a day or two before tackling the next step.  I want you to process how this room is to work for you.


Step Three:   Clean Out

Take everything- yes, everything-  out the room.

Ask your self about every piece your fingers touch- Do you use it?   Do you love it?   If no is your answer, give it or throw it away.  Yes, it is okay to part ways with a family piece you do not love.  I give you permission, so get rid of the guilt, and let it go.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  The rocking chair from my daughter’s room was her great-great aunt’s, but because she has outgrown the need of one, I gave it back to my parent’s.

Just because it is a family heirloom or your aunt gave it to you for your wedding doesn’t mean it belongs in your home.  So many tastes are out there, and I bet you can find a home for it (your sister? your niece? your neighbor?). So do it.  Pronto.  De-clutter.

Keep only what you love and use…and you will definitely see and feel a difference in your home immediately!





don’t the objects here just FEEL loved?  by Nate Berkus




This is it until next Monday.  The only thing I ask in return is to follow each step and give me feedback.  Let me know how it is going, and please share with others.


Here’s to living today at its fullest,




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What I Love About Fall……

Posted on Friday, October 23rd, 2015 at 3:30 am

The leaves are beginning to fall, the air is cooling off, and the days are getting shorter.  Football is in full swing and pumpkins are showing up everywhere.

This only means one thing… Fall is here!

As a way to celebrate the beginning of this new season, I wanted to share a few of my fall favorites from Pinterest.  As mentioned in previous posts, Pinterest is my go-to for all things inspiration.


cashmere blanket. The wine bar will be cool....Temperature wise, it is wine after all.

With cooler temperatures, who doesn’t love a cashmere throw? Image from The Little Corner.




Cindy Smith and Patrick Lewis's Prohibition Room offers rustic luxury at the 2013 Adamsleigh Showhouse - Traditional Home® Photo: John Bessler Sponsored by Lee Industries

I love the rustic elegance of this room. The ambiance of the room makes me want to wrap up in the blanket pictured above and enjoy a nice glass of red wine. Image by Cindy Smith and Patrick Lewis



Chocolate Pumpkin Cups ~ Can you believe these adorable little cups are entirely edible??

Can you believe these adorable cups are edible? I am sure this is a project my girls will love! Image from Oh, Nuts!



It’s time for sweaters and booties! Image from fashionablelittlethings



As you know, I am all about simplifying and this image screams serenity and peace. Image from Savy City Farmer.




As I transition my garden from summer to fall, I added pumpkins to my planters. Image from Dana Wolter




This is an arrangement I used on my tables for Thanksgiving last year. Image from Dana Wolter.



Even though I am sad to see the summer sun slip away, autumn is an incredible time of year and I am looking forward to enjoying all that it has to offer.

Have a good one,


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Stop Dreaming And Start Designing Your Home For The Holidays

Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 at 3:30 am

Is your home holiday ready (can you believe I am even asking?!)?

If not, no worries- there is still time!  You still have a few months to pull it together.

Are you stuck, knowing your home could look and feel so much better, but you aren’t sure what to do?

Let us take some stress off of you and give you a detailed plan to make dramatic changes to your home.

While we mostly work on full room or turn-key projects, this service is for the client who needs direction and help making decisions for their home, but they like to do the legwork themselves.   Our one time consult service, which I have previously mentioned before, is the perfect way to devise a plan tailored specifically for your home.

It has gone over really well, and the clients who have invested in this 3.5 hour meeting with me have been surprised over the amount of detail and information that comes with it.  Matter of fact, I have even gone on the road -and in the air-  to offer this service.




On my way to meet with an out of town client


With this particular client above,  she needed guidance on what colors to paint throughout her home,  how to use particular spaces efficiently, how to arrange furniture, selection of lighting, etc….


I met her at her home, and we came up with a plan she can implement in stages.


The house has a lot of potential, so I have no doubt the home will be beautiful.  The client has great taste but needed guidance to make sure she was investing wisely in her home.






Dana Wolter Interiors


web-kampakishome.jpg4 copy

Dana Wolter Interiors



Here’s how this service works:

You send over to me a list of  what you would like to accomplish with your home.    This helps me know what is important to you for us to cover during our time together.

We make an appointment, and I will then spend 3.5 hours of  uninterrupted time in your home, answering any question you can possible think to ask me.  We can discuss design dilemmas, furniture arrangements, fabric swatches, paint colors, to knock down a wall or not– you name it!

The more legwork you do before our meeting, the more productive our time will be together.   We will make a Pinterest board with specifics of what to look for when shopping for your home, and I will take detailed measurements so you won’t have to worry about coming home with the wrong size sofa, ever again.

After our meeting, you will receive a detailed synopsis of what was discussed and a list of all of the suggestions I make for the entire home.   This allows you to maximize your time with me while I take notes and write down all the specifics for you to implement at a later date.

This service is a great way to invest in your home by making sure what you are changing and buying is right for the space.  No more buyers remorse as it also allows you the freedom to work on your project as your time and budget allows, all while following professional advice.


If you think this service can help you make your home the place you dream, email us at info@danawolterinteriors.com.   I would love to talk with you.


Here’s to making your house a home, one detail at a time-




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Tips For Accessorizing Your Walls

Posted on Monday, October 19th, 2015 at 3:30 am

Do you have a hard time knowing how to accessorize your walls?

It’s not always easy to know what to buy and once you do find something you like, how to display it.

Artwork is a personal thing and you should always choose pieces that are more than just space fillers.  If you come across a piece you love, buy it as I promise you will  find a spot for it.   Surround yourself with artwork you will want to keep forever, and buy the best you can afford.


Here are a few quick tips to help you decide what to hang on your walls:


1. Mix it up

If you have a two oil paintings in a room, add a different medium such as one under glass.  This gives the room more dimension and depth.  I also love a good gallery wall because it instantly makes a room feel like it has been collected over time.

Dana Wolter Interiors

Dana Wolter Interiors


Dana Wolter Interiors. Photography by Jean Allsopp

Dana Wolter Interiors



2.  Make it personal.

When I was working on this client’s home,  she showed me this beautiful watercolor she commissioned of one of her girls.   We floated it in some glass and made it a focal point.  Isnt it a pretty piece?


GYC_BMetro_Dec057 (1)

Dana Wolter Interiors




3.  Always try to hang a mirror in a room.  Remember to check what it is reflecting.


Dana Wolter Interiors. Photography by Jean Allsopp

Dana Wolter Interiors. Photography by Jean Allsopp




4.  Layer.  

Here I have layered a pencil sketch over a mirror (and the mirror reflects an oil painting).

Dana Wolter Interiors

Dana Wolter Interiors



5.  If you have a collection, consider framing it together.  

My clients are HUGE baseball fans and had all of these incredible signed baseballs sitting all over the place.   We consolidated them in a shadow box, which gave them a higher prominence in this study.



Dana Wolter Interiors



Hope these tips help you when adding this important layer to a room.   As always, if you like what you see and want to know if we can help you with your home, email us at info@danawolterinteriors.com.


Have a great day, everyone-





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How To Incorporate Gourds Into Your Fall Decor

Posted on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 at 3:30 am

It’s October and gourds and pumpkins are everywhere.


I love the gorgeous colors you see mixed among them, and they can be inspiration by itself.  But if you are ever wondering  how you can incorporate them into your fall decor, here are a few tips:



1.  Mix them in with other materials such as moss or fresh flowers.




This is a pic I snapped of a quick- and easy- arrangement I put together for a client’s party.   We took several gourds of all sizes and colors and softened them with moss and flowers.   I placed the flowers in test tubes filled with water to make the arrangement last for a while.  Easy, right?  That’s the name of the game in my book.



2.  Cut out the center and use as a vase.  Be sure to line with a plastic bag to avoid rotting.






3.  Mix in with your greenery outside.  




Head to your local grocery store or farmer’s market and fill up on a few of these fall favorites.  Select some gourds and pumpkins that will make you smile when you see them nicely arranged.  Let me know what you think and how you incorporated them into your holiday decor.


Happy Fall,




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Design on Tap: Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet for Your Budget

Posted on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 at 3:30 am

There are so many faucets on the market today so I thought I’d share some of my favorite designs.

As my clients and I swoon over the latest model and finish, there are times we have to walk away from our favorite simply because of budget.  So….  I thought I would give you today a few of my favorites as well as some fabulous, lower pricepoint look-a-likes.

Remember, cheaper doesn’t always mean it’s a bargain and likewise, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

My advice? Buy the best that you can afford as this is something you will use every day for a very long time, and always stick to name brands should any issues come up down the road.



For elevated elegance at a higher cost, these faucets will provide a lifetime of beauty.


kitchen faucets

Waterworks Julia Bridge faucet comes in handles or levers, starting at $1650.


kitchen faucets

The Waterworks Henry faucet looks especially gorgeous in unlaquered brass, priced at $2558.


luxury faucets

This touch technology faucet by Delta comes in a full size listed at $670 as well as a prep/bar size  listed at $650.|Image credit: thechroniclesofhome.com


luxury faucets

The Grohe industrial faucet gives off a modern industrial vibe, currently on sale for $623, marked down from $1133 here.


luxury faucets

This sleek Waterstone faucet comes in a multitude of finishes, starting at $1240 here.


luxury faucet

Dornbracht’s luxury faucet starts at $859 for polished chrome finish. Find it at plumbtile.com.


kitchen faucets

Kohler’s hi rise wall mount kitchen faucet is another elegant option, with a list price of $1650, but on sale here.



At under $300, these faucets pack a lot of punch for the price.


kitchen faucets

This faucet by Stev adds warmth in an antique brass finish. Find it for $114 here.



This faucet is by Danze and is currently $277 on Amazon.


kitchen faucet

The Premier Charleston bridge faucet in brushed nickel sells for $150 on Amazon.



bargain faucets

This Decor Star faucet is currently selling for $114 on Amazon.


kitchen faucets

This wall mounted gooseneck faucet by Kingston Brass offers affordable traditional elegance at $217 on Amazon.


bargain faucets

This faucet by Vapsint is currently only $79 on Amazon.



Kitchen faucets should be both beautiful and functional and with myriad options available at all price points, it’s easy to find the perfect fit.

Take care,


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