• Whether the project begins in the preliminary stages of new construction and is completed once the last picture is hung, or simply involves choosing new pieces for an existing room, I strive to bring my clients my practical sense of style while helping each turn his dreams into reality.

    –Dana Wolter

    Established in 2005, Dana Wolter Interiors has worked on residential and small commercial projects from Chicago to major cities across Alabama. Known for custom interiors that blend comfort and elegance into one, Dana and her team create clean-lined spaces that feel as though they have evolved over time. Through the art of layering the various textures of fabric and wood, contrasting hard and soft surfaces against one another, using light to affect how a space is perceived, and combining modern, antique, and classical elements in a room, Dana Wolter Interiors designs spaces that are naturally sophisticated yet truly functional.

    As a working mother of three, Dana Wolter understands the stress associated with everyday life. She believes a home should be a retreat as well as a place to gather with family and friends. Dana’s warm personality, combined with her energy and creativity, results in a stress-free experience while achieving a fresh, elegant, and understated home for her clients.

    Using one’s imagination to improve one’s surroundings is nothing new to Dana Wolter. Growing up in a large family-where chaos ruled- triggered Dana’s early interest in interior design. On a constant quest for serenity and a way to express her creativity, Dana’s mother often awoke to find her bedroom- or one of her sisters’- had received a drastic makeover during the night.

    Dana graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in journalism and a minor in English, and she never lost the drive to create new and unique spaces for herself and for her friends. After a career for many years in sales, Dana was approached by two friends who needed help with home renovations. What began as a hobby has now grown into a thriving business.